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Michiana Outdoors News

What's New?

A national ice fishing contest is coming to LaPorte and area anglers are invited to participate. The North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC) will conduct a qualifying contest on Pine and Stone Lakes Feb l1 with other activities scheduled for Feb. 9-10.
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Grant Ellabarger had seen the big buck numerous times. “I saw him twice last year but couldn’t get a shot off,” the Plymouth, Ind. resident recalled. “I saw him again opening day of gun season this year but still didn’t have a shot.”
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New Tackle for 2018

Shimano’s New Exsence Spinning Reels Offers Premium Features

Strike King’s Comeback Jig Stands Up to Classic Test

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Featured Videos

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Michael Iaconelli: Conditions to Consider When Choosing Crankbaits Zona Tips: How I Keep My Jigs Organized
Andy Buss: St. Joe River Bass Fishing Jon VanDam: How to Choose a Drop-Shot Leader Length
Andy Buss: St. Joe River Bass Fishing Jon VanDam: How to Choose a Drop-Shot Leader Length

Michiana’s No. 1 Source for Outdoors News and Tips

Louie StoutNationally acclaimed outdoors writer Louie Stout saw a need to fill a void in 2011 when local newspapers began shrinking space previously devoted to local and state outdoors news.

The Indiana native and longtime Michigan resident created Michiana Outdoors News as a hotspot for sportsmen to get up-to-date regional news and a place to learn more about their favorite pastime.

This website reaches across southern Michigan and northern Indiana (hence the name Michiana), covering fishing and hunting topics, regulation changes, record-breaking fish catches, big game kills, and other outdoors topics that impact sportsmen living within that region.

Michiana is blessed with a plethora of outdoors opportunities. In addition to largemouth/smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, muskie and panfish hotbeds, the region includes excellent Great Lakes fishing for trout and salmon and walleye. Some of the biggest whitetail deer in the Midwest come out of the area and turkey hunting is rapidly becoming a popular pastime.

Stout, who has produced outdoors news columns for Indiana papers over the past five decades, utilizes his wealth of contacts to monitor regulation changes and controversial topics that develop within the Indiana and Michigan DNRs.

In addition, we use our contacts within the fishing industry to bring detailed how-to videos germane to this region. We also provide a bragging board section where site visitors can post photos of their memorable outdoor successes.

The site also has become the best source for outdoor events, especially fishing tournament schedules and results held within the region.

The website is managed by Bob Robertson of RobertsonConsultants. Jeremy Bunnell of South Bend manages the Events Calendar.

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