By Louie Stout

Big Walleyes Lurk in Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is known for its big lake trout, steelhead and salmon.

But lurking out there in the dark abyss are a few other prized fish that go unnoticed by most anglers except for a few who are trying to keep it a secret.

Monster walleyes.

The photo related to this story is living proof. That’s Lake Michigan Assistant Fisheries Biologist Ben Dickinson showing off a mega fish his crew trapped in a 35-foot deep gillnet near the Michigan City breakwall during a recent DNR lake trout survey.

How big? Dickinson is kicking himself for not having the certified scales on the research boat at the time, but it was 31 inches long and had the biggest girth he’s ever seen on a walleye.

And yes, it was released safely back into Lake Michigan.