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Clear H2O

Yamaha Report

Ish Monroe with a Frog

When Yamaha Pro Ish Monroe won the Bassmaster Elite tournament on the upper Mississippi River this past June by fishing his favorite floating frog lure over shallow vegetation, the victory validated two of his primary beliefs about river fishing.

First, bass in rivers nearly always concentrate in specific areas more than they do in lakes; and secondly, water movement and habitat put bass in those specific areas.

“Most rivers have fishable water from one end to the other, so you have to move around more to find the fish,” he explains. “At the same time, most, but not all rivers have an abundance of suitable habitat where fish might be. 

“As a fisherman is moving and searching for those concentrations, he/she also has to be fine-tuning his/her selection process, and one way to do this is studying how water movement relates to that habitat.”

By Al McGuckin

The Forgotten Lizard Still Catches ‘em – Just Ask the Pros!

In my little universe around Oklahoma, April is as much about soft plastic lizards as the Easter Bunny and the Masters at Augusta National. In fact, while the Chinese Zodiac calendar spotlights 2018 as the “Year of the Dog” -- I’d like to go ahead an officially nominate April as forever being bass fishing’s “Month of the Lizard.”

Like my Carhartt raingear, I don’t leave home in April without several bags of soft plastic lizards during this often rain-soaked month centered on various phases of the annual spring spawn.

And don’t overlook it the rest of the fishing season, either.

Yet, you’d be hard pressed to find a professional bass tournament in recent years where a lizard was credited with being the winning lure, or even playing a huge role in the victor’s creel.

By Al McGuckin

Two Summer Lures VanDam Won’t Leave Home Without

The greatest professional bass angler of all time got his start while casting topwater lures at summertime bass as a young teenager while walking the shoreline of School Section Lake where his grandparents lived in Central Michigan.

Not much has changed in 40 years for Kevin VanDam. When asked recently to choose just two lures all anglers should consider having in their summer arsenal – he chose a topwater walking bait and a deep diving crankbait.