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By Chip Leer
Wildside Media

Surefire Strategies for Post-Spawn Walleyes

Late spring walleye fishing can be ridiculously easy or incredibly frustrating, depending on the conditions and your approach.

Here are four proven patterns to help you match the conditions and catch more fish on every trip:

Less Than 12 Feet Of Water

Drag A Jig: Drifting or slow-trolling a leadhead on bottom is one of my favorite ways to cover large flats or emerging weed growth. Northland Fishing Tackle’s Stand-Up Fire-Ball is the jig for the job: the 45-degree angled eye lets you drag without fouling, and positions the bait in a natural, slightly elevated manner. I like tipping with a shiner, but a leech or half-crawler is also deadly. Experiment with distance from the boat, as well as dragging and snapping motions until the fish reveal their preference. The weight of the jig depends on wind and bait, but generally works best using an 1/8 to ¼ ounce.