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(Provided by Shimano)

Shimano’s New NASCI Spinning Reels Built for Heavy Duty Work and Braid

Shimano has introduced its new NASCI spinning reels that are designed for use with braid.

The line-up includes the NASCI 1000, 2500, C3000HG, 4000XG and C5000XG.

The new reels feature proven Shimano technology with gear durability and water resistance being key focus points. Anglers will find Shimano’s Hagane Gear – a cold forged aluminum drive gear that is 165-percent stronger than zinc casting gears - and anti-reverse bearing (roller clutch).

NASCI also offers G-Free Body design that puts the center of gravity is closer to the rod to reduce fatigue. It also has a thicker, more durable bail wire and Shimano’s X-Ship technology where bearings support the pinion gear to efficiently transmit reeling power.

Additional NASCI features include a rigid aluminum cold forged handle for added durability, and an easy-to-adjust large front drag knob.

On sizes 1000-4000, the reels have felt drag washers that perform best for fishing situation under 10 pounds of drag pressure. The NASCI C5000 reel has CrossCarbon drag washer to better handle the higher drag pressure needed in coastal/inshore fishing situations.

The NASCI 1000, 2500 and C3000HG have 5.0:1 gear ratios – the 1000 takes in 31-inches of line per crank, the 2500 takes in 29-inches per crank, while the C3000, designed with the same body size as the 2500 but with a large capacity spool, take in 36-inches. With a powerful 4.7:1 gear ratio, the 4000XG pulls in 39-inches and the C5000 (same body size as 4000) takes in 41-inches per crank with a 6.2:1 gear ratio. All five reels feature five ball bearings plus Shimano’s one-way bearing Power Roller.

Developed to be used with PowerPro braid in mind but equally effective with monofilament or fluorocarbon lines, the NASCI 1000 has the capacity for 85 yards of 15-pound PowerPro or 140 yards of four-pound monofilament/fluorocarbon; the 2500 can handle 145 yards of 15-pound test PowerPro or 140 years of eight-pound mono/fluoro; with its larger capacity spool on a 2500 size body, the C3000HG holds 140 yards of 20-pound PowerPro or 170 yards of eight-pound mono/fluoro; 170 yards of 30-pound PowerPro or 200 yards of 10-pound test mono/fluoro fills the NASCI 4000XG; and the large spool/4000 body size NASCI C5000XG can take 200 yards of 30-pound PowerPro or 195 yards of 12-pound test mono/fluoro.

Models 1000, 2500 and C3000HG retail for $99. The 4000XG and C5000XG are $109.99.

For more information on the new NASCI spinning reels available in sizes for both freshwater and coastal/inshore saltwater use, see your local tackle dealer - visit the Shimano web site at http://fish.shimano.com - or call Shimano’s product support team at 877/577-0600 (6 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time).


(Provided by Humminbird)

New Humminbird Solix Graphs Offer Huge Screen and Detail

The biggest news in fishfinding sonar for 2017 is, quite literally, "big."

For decades, Humminbird (http://www.humminbird.com) has led the fishing world by putting new tools and innovations in the hands of anglers to help them find, and catch, fish. Now, Humminbird has combined its best features and placed them into one fishfinder, the SOLIX - (http://www.humminbird.com). Offering the biggest display in the brandís history - up to 15 inches ñ the SOLIX boasts technologies designed to make locating fish easier.

A truly revolutionary product, SOLIX delivers game-changing sonar, imaging and mapping capabilities in the largest fishfinder anglers have ever seen. In true Humminbird fashion, these technologies are packaged in an easy-to-use interface and system that can make any angler better.

Unprecedented screen innovation

SOLIX (http://www.humminbird.com) is setting the bar for the angling sonar category in display size with two variations ñ a 12- and 15-inch screen model. Both come standard with Humminbirdís Cross TouchÆ Interface, letting anglers operate the unit via touchscreen or keypad, all while customizing the screen with up to four independent viewing panes.

Cross Touch allows anglers to use the SOLIX either as a touchscreen or with the keypad for easier control in rough water conditions. Individual panes can be zoomed or moved to different screen locations based on angler preference or fishing situation.

According to professional bass angler Gerald Swindle, SOLIX gives him a serious advantage over his competition and the fish heís after. "The size is amazing and allows me to see crucial screen information from anywhere in the boat. Plus, I can set up my panes to simultaneously show me MEGA Side Imaging, MEGA Down Imaging and how Iím oriented to key structure. I get all of that in a glance, so I know that every cast is a productive one," said Swindle.

Never-before-seen image clarity

SOLIX (http://www.humminbird.com/Freshwater/Lifestyle/SOLIX_FW/) units come in two versions. One is equipped with GPS and CHIRP Digital Sonar, the other adds Humminbirdís game-changing MEGA Imaging (http://www.humminbird.com/MEGA/) . This is the first Down and Side Imaging technology to enter the megahertz range with performance thatís nearly three times greater than traditional 455 kHz frequencies. It results in the clearest, sharpest imaging returns ever.

Anglers can choose MEGA Side Imaging for an incredible view to the left and right of their boat, while MEGA Down Imaging gives crystal clear pictures of what is beneath the boat. Both carry a range that covers the most popular fishing depths.


(Provided by Strike King)

Tour Grade Tungsten

Anyone who has paid attention to the world of competitive fishing in the last ten years can probably tell you about the rise of dropshotting. In an effort to offer as many tools as possible to our anglers, Strike King has added two new sizes to its Tour Grade Tungsten Drop Shot line.

“Dropshotting has become a go-to technique for many of the guys on tour,” says Mark Zona. “Fishing success usually has a direct correlation to confidence, and with Strike King’s addition of a ½- and ¾-ounce size weight to its drop shot line, the angler has more options for fishing deep.”

The two new additions will join a line that already includes 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 ounce offerings. Tour Grade Tungsten Drop Shot weights will are available at better fishing tackle retailers everywhere.