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Jed Pearson is eager to see what he finds in nets at Webster Lake when his DNR fisheries team starts collecting adult muskies for the hatchery in the coming weeks.

The biologist hopes he’ll see more young muskies as he and anglers did last year. If he continues to find juveniles mixed in with big ones that would be a good sign that DMR fish management changes continue to produce good results.

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You don’t have to tell St. Joseph River anglers that the quality of bass fishing on the river is good.

Darn good.

Nor do you have to convince Indiana DNR Biologist Larry Koza, who oversees Indiana’s section of the St. Joe.

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New Tackle for 2019

Bladed jig fishing has been the rage for early spring fishing and several companies have produced their versions the past couple years.

They all catch fish, but Mark Zona says Strike King’s new Thunder Cricket is as good as they get because Strike King’s stellar pro staff provided input for every detail, from the snap, paint job, hook and performance.

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Clear H2O

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Mark Zona: My Favorite Michiana Lakes KVD: Z-Too
Mark Zona: My Favorite Michiana Lakes KVD: Z-Too
Mark Zona: Longlining Jerkbaits Shaw Grigsby: Interior Lights
Mark Zona: Longlining Jerkbaits Shaw Grigsby: Interior Lights

By Louie Stout

Ethanol Issues Keep Outboard Boat Mechanics Busy

If your outboard engine runs and stops or not at all, Andy Peterson probably knows why.

Too much Ethanol in the fuel. Your car may run fine on it, but outboards…not so much.

“We’re seeing numerous problems because of ethanol,” said the co-owner of Starboard Choice Marine in Edwardsburg, Mich. “It’s a huge marine issue throughout the country.”

And he’s not kidding.

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