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Hunter Lunderson and Evan Delarosa (Hartford, Mich.) weighed in a limit of four bass totaling 12.12 pounds to win the Casting Couples Open tournament on the St. Joseph River at Benton Harbor over the holiday.

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Bill Mathews and Matt Davis caught 19.06 pounds on the St. Joseph River over the holiday to win $200 in the Starboard Choice Marine Fall Open.

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New Tackle for 2022

Bass pros Edwin Evers, Skeet Reese and Scott Suggs worked with the Berkley PowerBait team to bring new designs to life. Each bait meets a specific bass fishing need and features the legendary PowerBait flavor that fish hold onto longer, allowing for more positive hooksets.

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Zona: The Moon's Impact on Fall Fishing
Zona: The Moon's Impact on Fall Fishing
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Monitor fishing and hunting news from the Michigan DNR, Indiana DNR and national sources. If it's happening in the outdoors, you can read it here.

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By Louie Stout

Lake Michigan Perch Anglers Need to Adjust Approach

Last year’s southern Lake Michigan perch fishery had a lot of guys scratching their heads. The fish would show up one day, then gone the next.

Well, Hoosier biologists Brian Breidert and Ben Dickinson may have an explanation and a possible solution.

“The fishery has changed,” said Breidert, “and fishermen have to change with it.”

He believes anglers who are accustomed to catching yellow perch in the same areas year after year might want to fish deeper, and more importantly, pay very closer attention to the water temperature.

Before we get into that, anglers should be reminded that the perch population is a fragile thing.

We had good year classes in 2003 and 2005. Those fish provided some good fishing a few years ago, but things slowed down. The bigger fish got hammered pretty good and subsequent year classes weren’t so hot. The quality perch population dwindled.

However, 2015 produced a bonanza perch hatch and those fish survived the winter of 2015-16 quite well. If you perch fished much last year, you caught a lot of four inchers. Those were the 2015 class.

Dickinson, who spent a lot of his free time perch fishing, saw it, too.

by Louie Stout

You could say that Danny and Terry Moran of Osceola go nuts over fishing.

Or perhaps it’s the “nuts” that drive them to fishing success.

The two retirees have found a cool way to save money on livebait. They collect nuts. Not just any nuts, but acorns and small hickories.

And they use them to catch bluegills. Not the nuts, but the tiny worms inside them.

They discovered years ago from an ol’ uncle that tiny grubs thrive inside those nuts and they make great fishing baits, especially when panfish are looking for bitty morsels, such as during the ice fishing season.

“They also work well in the early spring when the bluegills are up around the lily pads,” said Danny.

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