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Clear H2O

DNR meets with road commission on Eagle Access

The development of the Eagle Lake public access near Edwardsburg, Mi. will take a small step forward this week.

The Michigan DNR will meet with the Cass County Road Commission at Thursday’s morning meeting to finalize the lease agreement and is expected to grant the DNR rights to develop a boat launch along Eagle Lake Road.

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What in the world is going on?

We’ve got a real, live bear wandering northern Indiana and gray wolves have moved into Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

And then last week, the Michigan DNR put out a report that a bear attacked a hunter in ground blind just north of Mt. Pleasant.

Get used to it, says Indiana wildlife biologist Budd Veverka, Indiana’s newly appointed bear biologist. Wildlife is expanding and adapting.

“This won’t be the last bear we see in Indiana,” insisted the biologist who has studied bears since he was 14 years old. “It will take a few years, but they’re going to expand their range into Indiana.”