By Louie Stout

Bow Hunter Gets Two Deer with One Arrow

When he’s not tending to his congregation at the United Pentecostal Church in Bourbon, Ind., Pastor Mark Cottrill is deer hunting.

He’s shot his share of deer during the 30-plus years he’s been hunting Indiana, but his experience Oct. 27 was one that few hunters can claim.

He wandered into the woods late afternoon that day and propped his bucket next to a tree. Unlike some hunters who prefer hunting from a tree stand, Cottrill likes sitting on the ground.

“I’ve always done that,” he said. “I’m completely camouflaged. I don’t like getting up in trees and I like hunting at ground level. I feel it’s more a challenge.”

Cottrill is not a trophy hunter. His family loves venison and he’ll take two or three deer a year.