By Louie Stout

Tippecanoe River: Indiana’s Best Kept Secret for Bass, Walleye and Pike

About 50 years ago, my good friend Al Tucker and I waded the Tippecanoe River for rock bass and smallmouth on hot summer afternoons.

We’d slide into cutoff jeans and old sneakers, walk into the water to our waist and cast tiny Rooster Tails and Mepps Spinners into the pools and eddies. We caught a lot of fish every trip.

I haven’t been back since my teenage days, so my assumption has been that urban incursion and pollution has diminished that fabulous fishery over those years.

District fisheries biologist Tom Bacula says that’s not the case.

Last fall, he led a team of fish managers through a major study of the “Tippy” from Oswego, Ind. in Kosciusko County down to Winamac, Ind. in Pulaski County.