By Louie Stout

With 2018 behind us, what will the New Year deliver for Michiana sportsmen?

As we look back at the previous year’s issues and ahead to a more promising year, we’re left with some questions of what sportsmen might encounter, including questions leftover from 2018.

Here are some of the things for you to ponder:

Perhaps one of the most burning questions – one that has lingered for nearly seven years – is whether the public will ever get a new boating access on Eagle Lake. Although land has been purchased and a DNR plan in place, the Eagle Lake Improvement Association has fought the Michigan agency in courts where the issue has festered for years. The lake association apparently is willing to spend whatever it takes to prevent the access and the DNR continues to drag its feet. Last summer, the DNR stopped parking on its grassy lot due to complaints from the township.

Have Lake of the Woods walleyes grown up? A DNR Survey two years ago showed a good population and those fish should be well above the keeper size this year.

Will we have an ice fishing season that lasts more than a couple weeks, or will we have a late winter that encroaches into a more desirable spring open-water fishery?