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Strike King Report

Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig

Greg Hackney has made a career as one of the most consistent anglers in the history of the sport of tournament bass fishing.

Most of his success has come by targeting fish in and around shallow cover. Strike King has added a special jig for that application, the Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig.

“Our existing Hack Attack Flipping Jig features a monster hook that basically requires the use of braid,” says Hackney, 14-Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier. “There are times when I need a flipping jig for use in clearer water where I would prefer fluorocarbon over braided line. This new jig is ideal for that situation.”

Hackney said he and the Strike King team made countless modifications to get this jig to where it needed to be. The compact jig has a zero-degree line tie to increase the hookup percentage. It is extremely weedless, and it’s built around a 4.5/0 custom siwash hook.

The Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig is available in 3/8, ½ and ¾ sizes and 12 Hackney-approved colors.