Strike King Report

Zona Says Strike King’s New Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig Catches ‘Em

Bladed jig fishing has been the rage for early spring fishing and several companies have produced their versions the past couple years.

They all catch fish, but Mark Zona says Strike King’s new Thunder Cricket is as good as they get because Strike King’s stellar pro staff provided input for every detail, from the snap, paint job, hook and performance.

“The Thunder Cricket has the perfect action and vibration to get bass to bite,” says Zona who has had good success fishing the bait around the country this spring. “It also has all premium components to make sure that every bite makes it into your boat. The blade shape, skirt count, hook size and style, and the colors were all meticulously tested and unanimously agreed upon as the best possible option to make this bait superior.”

The all-new Thunder Cricket comes in four sizes - 3/8, ½, 5/8 and ¾ ounce. It will be offered in 10 colors and will be available in tackle shops this spring.