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New T-H Marine Culling System Simplifies Process Without Piercing FishNew T-H Marine Culling System Simplifies Process Without Piercing Fish

T-H Marine Supplies of Huntsville, Alabama, has redesigned its G-Force Conservation Cull System for the 2019 fishing season.

The new and improved cull system, known as the G-Force Gen 2 Conservation Cull System, is now available and in stock from a variety of retailers.

"It's important to us that our customers and potential customers know that we've listened to their feedback," T-H Marine President and CEO, Jeff Huntley stated. "We were thrilled to get innovative and help protect fisheries with our first G-Force Conservation Cull System, and we are beyond excited to offer a vastly improved version designed to be the best non-piercing cull system on the market."

Picking up where T-H Marine started with its cull systems, the Gen 2 Conservation Cull System is built with many new practical improvements. With these advancements, anglers can immediately see how the Gen 2 Conservation Cull System has evolved beyond piercing culls, the designs of competitor cull systems, and even beyond the first Conservation Cull T-H Marine released in 2017.

The redesign incorporates features that make it easier, faster, and better for anglers culling fish.

G-Force Gen 2 Conservation Cull SystemG-Force Gen 2 Conservation Cull SystemHere are the changes and key features:

The Clips

  • Simplified design for easier use
  • Built to be durable, using quality plastic molding and stainless steel
  • Great with holding tight on a fish's lips, using stronger plastic and a spring-loaded grip
  • Designed to be quick and easy, ideal for one-handed use
  • Meets and exceeds tournament standards as it won't puncture a fish's lip
  • Weighed easily using our balance beam and new handle featuring an improved-grip
  • Connect quickly with our Cull Weights to stop fish from going belly-up

The Buoys

  • Easily detach from the color-coded lines
  • Conveniently store away on the storage rack that is included
  • Include 6 color-coded options for quicker, smarter culling