Luhr-Jensen Report

Luhr-Jensen’s Flash Fly Twinkie Rig for Salmon Anglers

Take the best features of three hot salmon lures, roll them into one and what develops is an irresistible fusion called the Luhr-Jensen Jensen Flash Fly Twinkie Rig, an artificial lure designed for sometimes maddeningly difficult game fish — Chinook, Coho, Chum, Pink Salmon and trophy-size Trout.

New for 2019, the Jensen Flash Fly Twinkie Rig may well reset the bar for trolling in salt or fresh water. Developed on the water by our professional fishing staff, the Jensen Flash Fly Twinkie Rig incorporates the natural scent, taste and appeal of live baitfish, with the tantalizing rolling action of a Cut Bait Head, and colorful sparkle attraction of a twinkle skirt flash fly. Prototypes have proven to be deadly combinations for Salmon and Trout trollers.