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Luhr-Jensen Report

Luhr-Jensen’s Flash Fly Twinkie Rig for Salmon Anglers

Take the best features of three hot salmon lures, roll them into one and what develops is an irresistible fusion called the Luhr-Jensen Jensen Flash Fly Twinkie Rig, an artificial lure designed for sometimes maddeningly difficult game fish — Chinook, Coho, Chum, Pink Salmon and trophy-size Trout.

New for 2019, the Jensen Flash Fly Twinkie Rig may well reset the bar for trolling in salt or fresh water. Developed on the water by our professional fishing staff, the Jensen Flash Fly Twinkie Rig incorporates the natural scent, taste and appeal of live baitfish, with the tantalizing rolling action of a Cut Bait Head, and colorful sparkle attraction of a twinkle skirt flash fly. Prototypes have proven to be deadly combinations for Salmon and Trout trollers.

Berkley Report

Berkley x5 & x9 Braid Offers More Strands and Small Diameter

Strength and reliability play an important role in selecting a braided line, which is why many braided line anglers typically use lines comprised of either four or eight strands.

The new Berkley x5 and x9 braided lines take strength and reliability to the next level by adding another strand, respectively, all while keeping the diameter the same as traditional four- and eight-carrier braids.

The new Berkley x5 braided line is designed for maximum strength and abrasion resistance so you can fish confidently in thick vegetation and heavy cover while the Berkley x9 braided line is designed for maximum strength and casting distance so you can make long, quiet casts in open water. Available in 165 yd., 330 yd., and 2188 yd. lengths, crystal and low-vis green colors, and 4lb to 100lb tests.

The x5 and x9 prices range from $13.99 to $199.99.

St. Croix Report

St. Croix to Introduce Frog Rods at Classic

Catering to the growing trend of bass anglers fishing swim frogs, St. Croix will introduce two new rods at the upcoming Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, Tn.

But the rods are no one trick pony. Not only are the rods designed to work specifically for topwater “buzz frogs,” they are equally adept at managing swim jigs in the same waters that swim frogs excel, as well as traditional topwater frogs, big swimbaits, speed worms, and more. Truly, the rods excel throughout the entire water column, from swim frogs thrown around docks and cypress trees knees to working a keel-weighted swimbait in sparse cover, the Mojo Bass MJC75MHXF and Legend Tournament Bass LBC75MHXF are must-have rods.

Z-man Report

New Z-Man TRD SpinZ Adds Bling to Soft Plastics

Z-Man’s new TRD SpinZ Tail Spinner adds bling to soft plastic baits with subtle flash and vibration.

A simplified alternative to screw-in style tail spinners, the TRD SpinZ employs a single, stainless centering wire and exclusive keeper design that’s easy to rig with all softbaits, including Z-Man’s state-of-the-art ElaZtech.