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Shimano Adds Sedona Ice Fishing Combos

Taking its ice-fishing rod and reel line-up another step, Shimano follows the wave it made in 2018 to continue with its ‘next level’ ice rods now offered in the new Sedona Ice-Fishing combos.

All matched with proven Sedona spinning reels featuring Shimano’s durable HAGANE Gear and Propulsion Line Management System, combos with 500 size reels include those with 24- and 30-inch ultralight power rods, 26-inch light power and 34-inch medium-light versions, and two with 28-inch rods in medium-light power and medium power. Matched with larger capacity Sedona 1000 reels for bigger walleye, northern pike and lake trout action, Sedona ice-combos offered include ones with a 28-inch heavy power rod, a 36-inch medium power, and a 40-inch medium-heavy power rod. All nine combos retail for $99.99 (USD).