Loomis Report

Loomis Brings ‘Classic Action’ Rods to IMX-PRO Series

G. Loomis further expands its all-encompassing IMX-PRO bass rod series with the addition of 17 new ‘Classic Action’ rods – Mag Bass, Spin Jig and Classic Casting.

The new rods are shipping to G. Loomis rod dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada, and include some special actions ideal for fall largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing. Retail prices range from $315 to $375.

The seven new Mag Bass (MBR) action casting rods are highlighted by magnum tapers and light tips to facilitate long cast and deep-water hooking abilities. The line-up includes 6’6”, 7’ and 7’6” rods, all with a parabolic action to absorb the energy of a surging bass. According to G. Loomis senior planning manager David Brinkerhoff, one of the more popular rods for most bass anglers will the IMX-PRO 843C MBR.

Originally designed for use with soft plastics, the eight new IMX-PRO Classic Spin Jig (SJR) rods provide the best alternative for anglers who favor spinning applications where a casting rod is usually prescribed. In models for finesse techniques to power fishing, the IMX-PRO SJR rods include 6’ models for vertical jigging, swimming lures, and when fishing in smaller waters, and 6’6” and 7’ rods in standard medium and medium-heavy powers.

Of special note within the IMX-PRO SJR line-up will be the 842S SJR for many all-around use situations, and for upcoming fall fishing, the new 7’6” IMX-PRO 901S SJR (light power) and 902S SJR (medium power) are specifically designed for the growing use of hair jigs and spy baits for smallmouth throughout clearer Great Lakes and Canadian waters.

The two 6’ IMX-PRO Classic Casting (CR) rods are the ticket when anglers need to make precise casts when fishing small topwater lures and small crankbaits or to pitch or skip a jig into tight quarters.

With the addition of the ‘Classic Action’ rods, the IMX-PRO series continues to be G. Loomis’ most extensive line-up of bass rods, now totaling 64 different models for any bass fishing situation faced or any technique used. Brinkerhoff says the IMX-PRO rods “take advantage of our on-going improvements in both our manufacturing processes and materials. We rely on our proprietary Multi-Taper Technology to design the IMX-PRO blanks which feature exclusive G. Loomis materials - a blend of resin and fibers to gain the ultimate strength to weight benefit, Fuji ‘K’ frame Alconite guide train, and more fishing comfort from increased palm swell to the full cork grips.”

He notes the cork grip design used provides enhanced fishing comfort, plus offers a split-grip feel for bass anglers who look for that in a rod.

For more information on all 64 rods offered in the IMX-PRO Bass Series, visit www.gloomis.com or stop by your nearest G. Loomis tackle dealer.