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Upgraded St. Croix Mojo Musky Series Casting Rods Available

Musky aficionados are some of the most passionate anglers on the water. Their zeal for the sport extends to their gear, of which they tend to be both critical and demanding. Specific rods are chosen for a targeted presentation or to match current angling conditions… and they’d better deliver.

St. Croix’s highly popular Mojo Musky Series has been reinvented and improved for 2020. The significant upgrades include lighter SCIII carbon blanks; IPC® mandrel technology, which eliminates all transition points in the blank from butt to tip, resulting in rods that are incredibly smooth, strong and sensitive; custom Winn split-grip handles for improved grip; and new upgraded hardware. Musky anglers can now choose from 14 upgraded and unique Mojo Musky casting models. Best of all, these economical, high-performance musky fishing tools are available now.

Longer rods create extra advantages in a variety of musky fishing situations. But they can be challenging to transport and store. The upgraded Mojo Musky Series delivers an ideal solution to this dilemma via three all-new telescopic models that combine the length anglers demand with the convenience of a clever, collapsible design.

St. Croix is proud to offer two heavy power, fast action telescopic Mojo Musky casting rods (MM86HFT and MM90HFT) and one medium-heavy, fast action telescopic casting model (MJM90MHFT). These rods easily collapse for simplified maneuverability, transport and storage, without sacrifice to their big bait and big fish handling performance. The 8’6” model collapses to a manageable 7’6” and the 9’ models down to 7’10”.

  • 8’6” heavy power, fast action, telescopic, collapses to 7’6” (MM86HFT)
  • 9’ heavy power, fast action, telescopic, collapses to 7’10” (MM90HFT)
  • 9’ medium-heavy power, fast action, telescopic, collapses to 7’10” (MM90MHFT)

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