Bullet Weights Report

Bullet Weights Offers Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook With Snelled Hook

Bullet Weights now offers the popular Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook with a snelled hook to allow even more pole-in-the-water time.

The Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook makes fishing easier and more productive by eliminating the time and effort needed to tie knots. Anglers can create a double fishing rig in seconds rather than minutes. The Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook design prevents slipping for a perfect hook set on every bite.

Bullet Weights President Joe Crumrine commented, “The Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook with the snelled hook attached saves even more time. Attach the Add-A-Hook to your line, bait the hook and you are ready to fish.”

The Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook has an eyelet in the middle with a snap on each end. Anglers simply wrap the line four or five times around each end, then pull the line into the snaps. This allows quick, precise adjustment of bait staging to the desired position without having to re-tie.

“Many anglers troll for crappie or they want to put another hook on the line without having to re-rig,” said Wally “Mr. Crappie” Marshall, professional angler and winner of many crappie tournaments across the U.S. “The problem with tying rigs is you have to figure out how much space you need for knots. That’s not a problem with the Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook, which is tournament tested with proven success. You can put it exactly where you want it and it’s a done deal. This saves time and we all know that time is money, especially for a fishing pro or guide.”

The Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook can also benefit all anglers who have challenges with knots. Marshall explained, “Don’t worry if you can’t tie a knot. The Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook takes out all the guesswork. Perfect every time with no knots!”

Another benefit of the Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook is that it prevents stress on the line that can be caused by knot tying. In addition, it is made of stainless steel, so it does not rust and can be used for saltwater rigs as well.

The Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook with snelled hook (size 2 gold) will be available to consumers in January 2020. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $3.79 (five to a pack). For more information on the Mr. Crappie Add-A-Hook, see the YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com.