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Z-Man Now Offers Two Super Soft Frog Models

Z-Man Fishing now offers the Z-Man Leap FrogZ in two models: a Walking Frog and a Popping Frog.

Major League Fishing angler Luke Clausen contributed several valuable assets to the design of the new pro-grade topwater frog.

“One cool attribute frog anglers will appreciate, we molded both versions of the Leap FrogZ with a deep-V belly that acts like a rudder to carve the surface and empower easy walk-the-dog retrieves,” says Clausen.

Clausen also calls attention to the frogs’ hollow, super soft body, which collapses with minimal pressure, activating the custom, heavy-duty double hook. “We forged this special frog hook with the perfect, slightly ‘open’ angle to yield super-high percentage hooksets,” he said.

The bait has a sealed eyelet to prevent water from entering the cavity, while a rear drain hole sheds excess moisture.

Extra-long, multi-colored silicone legs resemble amphibian appendages and webbed feet— slowly trailing down as the frog rests then flaring when the legs kick and stop.

The popping version of the Leap FrogZ is sculpted with a deeply concave mouth to create a popping sound.

Available now at retailers and at www.zmanfishing.com, the Leap FrogZ is built in 2.25- and 2.75-inch sizes in both Popping Frog and Walking Frog body types. Five different naturalistic frog patterns, 3D eyes and premium paint apps max out the lure’s attraction.

Suggested retail is $7.99.