Berkley Report

Berkley is expanding its lineup of frog baits with the addition of three new baits that includes two new soft baits infused with PowerBait® formula - the Beat’n Paddle Frog and the Buzz’n Speed Toad, and the Berkley Power Pop.

A creative spin on a familiar shape, the Berkley Power Pop combines the softness of a soft bait with the high buoyancy of a hard bait. Initially developed by Berkley scientists in Japan, the Power Pop is a super high flotation frog. Uniquely constructed from a durable, ultra low-density material to keep water out, the Power Pop is nearly impossible to sink in most situations. The wide-cupped mouth allows added surface disturbance and the recessed hook pocket keeps the bait weedless. The new Berkley Power Pop is available in 10 unique color designs and comes paired with the proven and popular Fusion19™ EWG Hook.

The Berkley PowerBait Beat’n Paddle Frog is designed with paddle tail-style feet that make an easy-to-start rhythmic sound to which bass are immediately drawn. The all-new 3.9-inch ultra-real HD Tru colors make the ultimate frog fishing experience for any angler. The perpendicular hook point keepers protect single hook and double frog hook rigs to accommodate fishing around structure. The sturdy body allows for fishing in heavy cover and catching multiple fish per bait.

Sunline Report

Sunline Nylon Leader

Nylon Leader: A premium nylon designed specifically for leader and top shot applications.Th is nylon leader makes a great choice for use with mainline braid when you want to have a more buoyant leader with baits like topwaters. This is not just a regular nylon in a different package; it is a special master batch nylon which provides high breaking strength and high tenacity. Nylon leader also has reduced water absorption, which prevents weakening in the line like many other regular nylons. Nylon leader is designed with shock absorption to prevent break offs from extreme shocks of sudden lure movement, aggressive strikes, or sudden fish surges. Nylon leader is offered in 8lb-16lb in a 50yd spool. MSRP is $6.99.

Troll FC: Sunline is launching a new fluorocarbon for the big water trolling market. Troll FC is a first of its kind, 100% fluorocarbon line designed specifically for trolling. Traditionally, anglers have only used nylon lines for trolling, but with the rising popularity of fluorocarbon and the demand from anglers wanting to utilize fluorocarbon in trolling techniques, Sunline has developed Troll FC. It features slightly more stretch than standard fluorocarbon to increase hook up and landing ratios with trolled baits while providing the improved abrasion resistance and higher sensitivity of fluorocarbon. Sunline's Plasma Rise technology makes the line more abrasion resistant and slicker than traditional fluorocarbons for less resistance in the water. Troll FC is being offered in a 1000yd spool. The line diameter is 0.013, which is 16lb test equivalent for Sunline. The 0.013 size is the standard diameter used by anglers in conjunction with diving charts. MSRP is $99.

DD26 Report

DD26 Motor Tote for Mercury 150HP 4-Stroke Engines

DD26 Fishing has announced the addition of a Mean Mount Motor Tote specifically designed to fit and protect Mercury’s 4-Stroke 150 horsepower outboard, thus answering the needs and demands of boaters who want to make sure that their equipment continues to operate flawlessly. Combined with the DD26 steering locks, they ensure that anglers will be able to enjoy their days on the water without worrying about damage caused by towing to and from the lake.

St. Croix Report

St. Croix Victory Series

St. Croix Rod announces details of a launch of an all-new bass-centric rod series that will help hard-core bass anglers rack up more wins.

The technique-specific bass rods t with an all-new material, handcraft them on U.S. soil in Park Falls, Wisconsin will be available in March. They will be priced from $180-$250.

Lightweight, sensitive performance and extreme durability are hallmarks across the entirety of the new American-made Victory series, which includes eight models available to anglers in March, and 17 more planned for release later in 2021.