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Abu Garcia Max DLC Reel

Most line counter reels are bulky, large-bodied reels with an attached line counter. The new low-profile Abu Garcia® Max DLC (Digital Line Counter) reels feature a digital line counter that has been integrated to be part of the reel design. A digital line counter allows for added functionality that is easier to use and is more accurate than a traditional mechanical line counter.

All this is delivered in a low-profile reel with five stainless steel bearings that provide smooth operation, and an ergonomic compact bent handle and drag star for all day comfort on the water. With 20 pounds of max-drag pressure, these reels are able to battle big fish with a combination of comfort and power.

There are a handful of variables that matter when trolling. Trolling speed, currents and bait selection are all critical decisions. The amount of line out, especially when trolling shad or minnow style baits that have a dive curve, is critical to delivering baits to fish. Abu Garcia has taken the ability to manage this variable to the next level with the introduction of the new low-profile Abu Garcia Max DLC reels.

“For those who love to troll, these reels will be a welcome addition to their arsenal,” said Abu Garcia Marketing Director Andrew Wheeler. “We have incorporated a high level of accuracy and dependability in line-counting into a true high-performance low-profile reel to give these anglers the best reel for this demanding technique.”

These new reels incorporate new features to save power and maximize performance, including:

  • Back light on display turns off after 20 seconds of inactivity.
  • Back light automatically comes on if there’s a bite, which is ideal for fishing after dark or in low-light conditions.
  • Back light comes back on as when the handle is wound.
  • Reel has a power-save mode with memory that kicks in after 15 minutes of inactivity and pick up where you left off once re-engaged.

The reels also count line as it is spooled on, so anglers have the most exact measurements when spooling up. Anglers can also adjust pound-test on the counter for even more accurate results.

Another valuable feature is the Distance-to-Tip (DTT) warning system. This feature is designed for people who don’t fish a lot, including charter clients, and is also especially useful for fishing in the dark. The feature warns anglers when their lure or bait is within six feet of the tip of the rod to keep anglers from reeling baits and fish all the way to the tip of the rod.

The new reels come in two sizes, the Max DLC and Max Toro DLC. The Max DLC holds 110 yards of 12-pound test mono, while the Max Toro DLC is a larger, size-50 reel holding 210 yards of 14-pound test mono. Both reels are available in right- and left-handed configurations.

Suggested retail is $99.95 for the Max DLC and $159.95 for the Max Toro DLC.