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Berkley Hit Stick Jerkbait

While it’s true that balsa baits have long been favored by lure makers and anglers for their ability to deliver a desirable action, they lack in durability and consistency due to the imperfections that are inherent in natural materials.

After extensive research, Berkley scientists developed the new Hit Stick, a durable, polycarbonate, floating minnow-style bait that delivers the large, rolling action of a balsa bait.

The Hit Stick achieves the unique, high-speed rolling action of balsa baits by using FlashDisc™ technology. The integrated FlashDisc weighting in the Hit Stick also means every bait has consistent action and tracking. The construction also allows the Hit Stick exceptional durability to withstand toothy bites and keep the bait swimming consistently.

The added mass of the polycarbonate construction also makes the Hit Stick easier to cast, both for accuracy and significantly longer casting distance.

The versatility of the Hit Stick makes it ideal for use as a finesse jerk bait, a trolling bait for everything from walleye to trout or a casting bait for all predator fish.

The Hit Stick is equipped with ultra-sharp Fusion19™ hooks, comes in seven sizes from 3.5cm to 15cm and 21 of the hottest colors for walleye, bass, trout and other predator fish. It has a suggested retail of $5.99 for Sizes 3.5 through 9; $6.99 for sizes 11 and 13 and $7.99 for the Size 15.

For more information on the Berkley Hit Stick visit https://bit.ly/HitStick.