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BASS Report

Strike King Introduces Hybrid Hunter and Hybrid Hunter Jr.

Strike King Report

Finding a lure that can provide solutions to several fishing equations is not easy. However, Strike King has done exactly that with the launch of the new Hybrid Hunter and Hybrid Hunter Jr. hardbaits.

The Hybrid Hunter and Hybrid Hunter Jr feature a fat-bodied, flat-sided shape with a unique, “L-Shaped” 90-degree bill that combine to create a hard thumping, exaggerated hunting action with an extremely loud rattle.

Lew’s Report

Lew’s Introduces New Team Lew’s Pro SP Skipping and Pitching Reel

Skipping a jig has become one of the most productive fish catching patterns in the sport of bass fishing. However, along with its potential for producing giant bites, it has its own unique perils. The most prominent is the potential for tremendous backlashes if the lure strikes a dock post or a wave that arises.

To solve that problem, Lew’s created the Pro SP Skipping and Pitching Reel, a specialized spool that holds 40 yards of 20-pound-test Fluorocarbon with its recessed Knot Slot and included a special “Skipping Zone” in their externally adjustable QuietCast centrifugal braking system. The result is a reel that has all the performance of a Lew’s reel, tuned to greatly minimize backlashes.

According to Pro Andy Montgomery, this reel has made a tremendous difference in his ability to make his namesake skipping presentations. “The spool and braking system of the reel have revolutionized my ability to skip a jig,” said Montgomery. “It has the smoothness to make the casts, and the power to get the fish out from under the docks; it’s absolutely amazing.”

Rapala Report

Rapala Digital Line Counter

Rapala’s new Digital Line Counter is easy to use for casting, trolling and spooling line. It fits baitcast and spinning rods of all rod lengths.

This new tool for anglers includes a depth alarm that sounds when your desired line distance is reached, and a line guide with quick-release that quickly disengages your line from the counter when you hook into a fish. A one-touch Depth Lock function allows you to quickly and easily save and display your line distance for future reference.

Additional features include:

  • Digital display with back light;
  • Rod mount that holds line counter securely to your rod;
  • Imperial and metric display options; and
  • Battery-status indicator.

With an MSRP of $35.99 (US), the new Rapala Digital Line Counter is available at Rapala dealers throughout the U.S. and Rapala.com.

Shimano Report

Curado 300 Series Reels Designed for A-rigs, Big Crankbaits and Big Swimbaits

Shimano has introduced four new Curado 300 reels offered with the power, durability and line capacity to fish swimbaits, big crankbaits, and umbrella rigs with ease.

Two models offered – each in both right- and left-hand retrieve – include the Curado 300 and 301 with powerful 4.7:1 gear ratios specific for anglers fishing slower presentation lures or with Alabama rigs and magnum-size crankbaits. The higher-speed 6.6:1 gear ratio featured on the Curado 300HG and 301HG enables anglers to aggressively work lures that are more effective with a faster retrieve, along with quickly picking up slack when enticing big bass on topwater baits.