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VMC Report

VMC Crossover Pliers

VMC’s innovative new Crossover system maximizes efficiency for rigging soft plastics and worms on VMC hooks to catch and land big bass.

The system comprises patent-pending Crossover Rings, which feature a dual-channel hood for easy Neko or Wacky rigging, and pliers specially designed to quickly insert soft-plastic worms into the rings.

Crossover Rings are available in three colors (clear, black, green pumpkin) and five sizes (4, 5, 6, 7, mm). They come 10 per pack and have an MSRP of $4.99.

Made of lightweight, durable plastic, Crossover Pliers come with built-in compartments within the handles to store and organize Crossover Rings. Each pair of pliers comes with four 6 mm Crossover Rings and has an MSRP of $14.99 (US).

VMC Crossover system

To rig a soft-plastic worm with the Crossover system, first slide a Crossover Ring over the Crossover Pliers’ closed jaws. Compress the handles to open the jaws, stretching the Crossover Ring. Then, insert and position your worm into the Crossover Ring. Slowly close the pliers’ jaws by releasing tension to the handle while stabilizing the Crossover Rings position. Finally, holding one end of the worm, pull the pliers away from the rig.

And within minutes, you’re ready to catch the big one.

p>Berkley Report

Berkley Hit Stick Jerkbait

While it’s true that balsa baits have long been favored by lure makers and anglers for their ability to deliver a desirable action, they lack in durability and consistency due to the imperfections that are inherent in natural materials.

After extensive research, Berkley scientists developed the new Hit Stick, a durable, polycarbonate, floating minnow-style bait that delivers the large, rolling action of a balsa bait.

The Hit Stick achieves the unique, high-speed rolling action of balsa baits by using FlashDisc™ technology. The integrated FlashDisc weighting in the Hit Stick also means every bait has consistent action and tracking. The construction also allows the Hit Stick exceptional durability to withstand toothy bites and keep the bait swimming consistently.

Big Bite Baits Report

Big Bite Best Flipper Ever (BFE)

New Big Bite Baits and jigheads for 2021 are as follows:

BFE: The Best Flipper Ever(BFE) was designed by Bradley Hallman to be the best flipping bait for any condition, anywhere in the country. It has the profile of a tube style bait, but a solid body with rings. The goal was to have the glide and fall of a tube style bait, but to have a more durable product with a higher hook up ratio. The rings give the bait a larger appearance, without the bulk to impact hooking ratios. The tail section is also thin to glide and wiggle for a subtle movement. It can be used around grass, wood, rocks or docks with a wide gap or straight shank worm hook. MSRP $3.99

Magnum Worm Head: Our staff has been using prototypes of this new jighead with great success in tournaments. The arrowhead design of the head helps it stay in contact with the bottom and comes thru rocks or brush. It is molded with a 6/0 Gamakatsu heavy wire hook to stand up to hard hooksets, big fish and heavy line. It is great when rigged with our 8” Finesse Worm. MSRP $5.99.

2.5” Baby Kamikaze Swimon: The Kamikaze Swimon has a new baby brother. We now have a 2.5” Swimon which is the perfect size for crappie. It features a vertical profile with forked tails to look just like a baitfish. The tails feature a series of ridges and holes that make the tails swim with the slightest motion and leave a bubble trail fish can follow. It has a solid ringed body to rig perfectly on any jighead and comes in 17 colors. MSRP $2.49.

Northland Report

Northland Tackle’s New Rumble Shad Crankbait

Northland Fishing Tackle enters the premium hardbait game with the new Rumble crankbait series for walleyes and bass, designed by chief lure designer Jarmo Rapala.

From a block of the finest balsa wood to welded, through-wire construction to the finished hand-painted and individually tank-tested bait, all Northland Rumble series baits are handmade with a unique heat compression molding process that ensures unmatched durability, and lures that run true on the troll and retrieve—as well as cast farther than the competition.

Here are the new editions:


First on the list is the inimitable Rumble Shad crankbait. The #5 dives 5’ to 12’; the #7 dives 8’ to 16’; and the #8 dives 14’ to 21’. Designed to imitate shad, perch, and panfish, this midsized bait features a tight action and dramatic roll, whether cast and retrieved or trolled behind the boat.