Z-man Report

New Z-Man Hella CrawZ

Z-Man made fishing fans happy this week by delivering fresh packs of Hella CrawZ to outdoors retailers across the continent.

The new 3.75-inch Hella CrawZ gives anglers a compact, versatile crawfish-profile jig trailer, flipping bait and so much more. The bait’s appeal, in part, resides within its 10X Tough ElaZtech composition. Unlike other craw-baits that tip over and die on the vine, the Hella CrawZ’ buoyant pincers float up and hover in full menace mode. The slightest twitch of the line or faintest underwater flow activates its claws, which wave and flap in the current.

And they outlast comparable soft plastic trailers by impressive margins.

The bait’s claws have slightly thicker outer ridges for a stronger thumping vibe and heightened flapping action. When you retrieve it faster on a swim jig, its buoyant claws keep the bait a little higher in the water column, perfect for swimming over grass. Or, hop it along on the same swim jig to activate its pincers so they pulse, wave and rise up between hops. We left the salt out of this bait to max out buoyancy and vibration.

Beyond its high-action claws, the compact Hella CrawZ sports a lifelike segmented crayfish torso and carapace, plus beady eyes and compact antennae. The bait’s slightly flattened torso balances the bait, preventing it from tipping over—a common dilemma with other crawfish trailers, especially non-buoyant baits. The Hella CrawZ’ segmented torso also sports a ventral hook slot for easy, streamlined rigging.

Available now at outdoor retailers everywhere, the Z-Man Hella CrawZ features 10 elite color patterns. Suggested retail is $4.49 per 3-pack. For more information, visit www.zmanfishing.com.