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Freedom Flash from Freedom Tackle

The Freedom Flash brings vibration and flash with 10 fish-catching colors to your ice or open water vertical jig presentation.

Built with a premium, eco-friendly zinc body, the Freedom Flash carries a belly-mounted Indiana blade which swings loosely on the fall and pick-up. Maximizing both flash and vibration while creating the erratic action of a baitfish in trouble.

The Flash’s body is wrapped in a diamond pattern with super-tough “Gator-grade” UV paint, that will stand-up to catching even the toothiest of fish through the ice or in open water. All Freedom Flash lures are finished with 3D red eyes and have glow color options.

The Freedom Flash boasts through-wire construction transmitting blade vibration throughout the bait, which ensures maximum strength from the line tie to hook when fighting fish. The bait also features an elongated wire tail with a removable hook capability allowing anglers to remove the treble hook, slide a minnow head on the wire, and lock in the minnow head when the treble is reattached.

Designed to be retrieved vertically through the ice or on humps and rocky points in open water, the erratic action of the Freedom Flash, mimics the flutter of a baitfish in action. The Freedom Flash is a hard bait designed to impart action, with even the slightest twitch of the rod, and gives anglers the complete package of vibration, flash, strength, and scent.