Strike King Report

Strike King Chick Magnet Crankbait

Strike King worked with MLF pro angler Andy Morgan to develop the Chick Magnet flat-sided crankbait.  Partnering with Strike King's innovative design team, the Dayton, Tenn. pro harkened back to his upbringing on or around Lake Chickamauga to develop the Chick Magnet. 

"It is great to finally see the flat-sided crankbait getting the attention it deserves," said Morgan.

The thin body design of the Chick Magnet and the circuit board lip impart a tighter wiggle and an exceptionally lifelike action to the lure. 

The Chick Magnet is ideal in the three-to-six-foot depth range and anglers will certainly see the design's benefit for targeting fish in tougher conditions; the Chick Magnet excels in cool water, when fishing pressure is high, or after a weather front has made finding a bite more challenging.

Strike King offers the Chick Magnet in 13 colors.  For clear water, Morgan prefers the Green Gizzard Shad, Natural Shad, Natural Bream and Sexy Shad 2.0.  When fishing stained water, Morgan often switches to a Chartreuse with Blue/Black Splatterback or a Chartreuse Copper.