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Gamakatsu Report

Gamakatsu G-Bag EWM storage solutions

Gamakatsu’s new series of extra wide-mouth tackle bags come in various sizes so anglers can take everything they need and nothing they don’t.

The G-Bag EWM storage solutions open wide, giving anglers fast, easy access to tackle so anglers can rig up in a hurry and take advantage of a changing bite. 

The smallest bag in the new series, the G-Bag EWM 100, is the perfect size for holding a variety of soft plastic packs. The Extra Wide Mouth (EWM) provides easy access to the interior, and the internal wire frame keeps the top open while finding the right bait. The 8 x 4 x 6-inch size stows easily in other bags, and anglers can take as many as needed while remaining organized. Pick up a few and keep all smaller items organized and ready.

The larger 9.5 x 5 x 7-inch size of the G-Bag EWM 200 Tackle Bag stows more gear using the same innovative easy-access stay-open top. The 200 easily accommodates magnum packs of soft plastics and oversized bulk bags, so that anglers can stash their largest swimbaits or enough tubes for the season in one convenient location. In addition, there’s enough space to store a wide variety of tackle and gear, so anglers can keep rigging tools and other essentials handy as well. 

Stuff up to four Gamakatsu G-Box 3600 or eight 3200 utility cases into the G-Bag EWM 300 using the innovative Extra Wide Mouth opening. The biggest size in the lineup is designed to carry a variety of tackle comfortably, thanks to the adjustable, padded removable shoulder strap. The generous 13 x 8.5 x 11-inch bag lets anglers stockpile all of their finesse baits and power fishing lures in the same place so they can be prepared for anything.

All of the bags in the G-Bag EWM series feature water-resistant TPU construction that sheds water from rainstorms or the occasional rogue wave, so contents stay protected. Plus, a see-through I.D. tag window on the 100 and 200 size, allows anglers to slide in their customized labels for easy identification, so they grab the right bags for each trip. Anglers will always find the contents easily, courtesy of the Extra Wide Mouth and stay-open design.

G-Bag EWM 100 Tackle Bag Features:

Gamakatsu Report

Gamakatsu G-Power Flip & Punch Hook

With help from late and great Aaron Martens' brilliant insight, Gamakatsu developed the G-Power Flip & Punch Hook for heavy to super heavy cover.

The TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) hook, paired with its welded eye, makes this hook the strongest in Gamakatsu's G-Series lineup. When using larger baits and weights for punching through grass mats and flipping into heavy timber, anglers need a versatile hook in all types of cover and can withstand extreme conditions.

Daiwa Report

Daiwa Steez CT SV Baitcaster

Meet the brand new Steez CT SV, a lightweight, super-smooth baitcaster packed full of Daiwa’s proprietary cutting-edge technology, unmatched in a reel this size. Daiwa’s high-end Steez line is already renown for exceptional performance, toughness and versatility. The new CT SV raises that bar to even greater heights.

At just 5.3 ounces, it’s built specifically for the U.S. market with the power to handle bigger bass and larger lures in a featherweight format that excels at precision finesse presentations as well.

Consider the 90-mm handle length and oversize handle knobs that make this reel a pleasure to crank while providing the extra power needed to separate hawg bass from the tangles, blowdowns, weed mats and pilings where they instantly retreat upon feeling the hard set of a sharp hook. A magnesium frame, handle side, and side plate keep the reel extremely rigid and lightweight while special paints and coatings ensure it is also saltwater capable.

Plano Report

Plano EDGE Line Management Box

Line spooling just became a little bit easier with the new Plano EDGE Line Management Box.

The Plano EDGE Line Management Box is a new premium line management system that protects lines and allows anglers spool up quickly anywhere with the same easy-to- transport system.

The EDGE Line Management System protects braids, monofilament, fluorocarbon and co-polymer lines from damage in a travel-friendly design that is at home on the water or the road. The spacious, waterproof 3700 size container holds up to 12 300-yard filler spools of line and features a built-in arbor that allows each spool to spin independently for added efficiency. Eight included tension bands keep everything under wraps, so anglers aren’t dealing with unruly spools when the time comes to re-rig, and a one- handed top latch and built-in large grab handles make quick spooling reels a breeze. A Dri-Loc O-ring seal keeps water out when the box is closed and the WaterWick divider with reusable moisture-wicking packet helps to keep line dry.

Other features include Rustrictor technology for rust-preventative protection, EZ Label system for quick identification of contents, DuraView crystal-clear polycarbonate lid and One-handed latch design.

Suggested retail is $49.99.