Plano Report

Plano EDGE 3600 Jig/Bladed Jig Box

Bladed jigs and jigs have met their match in the EDGE 3600 Jig/Bladed Jig Box.

As an addition to the 3700 size box, this uniquely designed, smaller 3600 size box comes equipped with vertical dividers to maximize storage space while protecting the baits - giving anglers even more options when building a storage solution to fit their needs. 

Key Features

  • Vertical dividers that maximize storage and protection for jigs and bladed jigs
  • WaterWick with reusable moisture-wicking packet
  • Dri-Loc O-Ring seal
  • Rustrictor technology delivers 360 degree rust-preventative protection
  • EZ Label system for quick identification
  • DuraView crystal-clear polycarbonate lid

It carries a suggested retail of $32.99.