St. Joseph Co. Parks Report

St. Joseph County Parks will implement a deer management program at Bendix Woods County Park located in New Carlisle this November.

To emphasize deer population reduction, the management program will be an antlerless hunt.

Bendix Woods County Park consists of 195 acres with 27 acres dedicated as a state dedicated nature preserves, a classification given to high quality ecosystems. Review and approval for the deer management program was required by the Division of Nature Preserves of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The district biologist for the Division of Fish and Wildlife assisted in the assessment.

The deer management hunt will take place on November 19 and 20, 2022. Bendix Woods County Park will be closed to the public on these dates.

Three hunters, plus one alternate will be selected by a lottery. Hunters must possess an Indiana Bonus Antlerless License. The deadline for applications is October 7. A mandatory meeting with park staff is required. Meeting will be held October 26 at 6pm at the Bendix Woods Nature Center.

The decision to implement an deer management plan was based on several factors: (1) the staff observed more deer and deer trails within the park property, and have observed increased damage to key indicator plants species such as trillium and other fauna; (2) the staff wants to act proactively, to protect the forest ecosystem and the nature preserve.

More information and Hunter Application Forms are available at HYPERLINK