(Provided by Michigan DNR)

With archery deer season just under way, the Michigan DNR would like to share the annual deer season forecast and remind hunters of important changes to the deer regulations for the 2015 deer seasons.

DNR deer program biologists predict that, overall, hunters this season will see similar or slightly increased success rates to last year. The forecast is designed to give hunters a better idea of what to expect in the woods this season and includes regional information breakdowns for the Upper Peninsula, the northern Lower Peninsula and the southern Lower Peninsula. Also included in the forecast are overviews of important changes for this license year, considerations for this season, and updates on wildlife health and diseases.

The annual deer season forecast can be found online at: www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/Deer_Hunting_Prospects_470587_7.pdf.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) - MI Hunter Info

At first glance, Michigan’s 2014 deer harvest estimates that were released last week are startling.

Wildlife managers say the deer harvest was down 15 percent statewide and the hunting effort declined 19 percent.

That marks the second consecutive year in Michigan’s deer harvest. (Indiana saw a 4 percent decline in its stats released in April.)

What is going on?

Well, just be glad you hunt southern Michigan. The biggest drop occurred in the Upper Peninsula where harvest plummeted 25 percent and that certainly skews the state numbers. The northern Lower Peninsula wasn’t much better.