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Audubon Report

The winter of 2017-18 will go down in the record books as the highest number of Snowy Owls seen in Indiana in a single winter.

To date, 139 Snowy Owls have been documented in Indiana this winter. The Indiana Audubon Society has been tracking sightings via submitted reports, social media sites, and birding websites, such as eBird.com. The new record breaks the old record of 121 owls that were seen during the winter of 2013/2014.

Snowy owl numbers fluctuate year to year based on their primary prey, lemmings, giant mouse like rodents, whose population also oscillates based on food supplies and weather conditions in the arctic. When populations spike, the owls respond with higher than normal breeding, with some nests containing ten or more eggs. The subsequent invasions later that fall result in not so much a food scarcity, but because of the abundance of food earlier that summer. Young owls tend to leave the arctic each winter, resulting in the larger than normal invasion occurring now.

Provided by Indy Show

One of America's oldest and largest outdoor shows will be held in Indianapolis when the Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show opens February 16-25 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

The show will consist of over 700,000 square feet of pure outdoor excitement in six super-sized buildings, providing plenty for sportsmen and outdoor adventure seekers.

Here are some of the features:

Tackle Town USA - At 70,000 square feet with over aisles and aisles of all things fishing, Tackle Town has everything for the individual angler or fishing family.

Fishing Seminars - Between the interactive-style Fishing Camp: Ask the Pros and the giant Hawg Trough seminars, visitors will find the best fishing seminars from anglers like Kevin VanDam (bass), The G Man Gerald Swindle (bass), Ed Stachowski (walleye), Mark Brumbaugh (walleye), Jason Przekurat (walleye), Joe Thomas (bass), Mike Delvisco (bass), Jacob Wheeler (bass), Jeff Currier (fly fishing), Mark Martin (walleye), Matt Firestein (musky), Jim Vitaro (bass), Matt Morgan (crappie), Russ Bailey (crappie), Steve Coleman (crappie), Kent Watson (crappie), Ronnie Capps (crappie), Billy DeHaven (carp), Chae Dolsen (musky) and Dan Armitage (kids' fishing fun).

IDNR report

Hunters can apply online now for a reserved turkey hunt by visiting www.wildlife.IN.gov. and clicking on the "Reserved Hunt Info" link.

The application period ends March 19. No late entries will be accepted. The online method is the only way to apply.

Applicants must possess a hunting license valid for the hunt for which they are applying.