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Clear H2O

California angler Tim Little was throwing a River2Sea S-Waver 200 swimbait recently at Clear Lake when a big fish broke his line. However, he ended up putting not only that one in the net, but another bruiser as well – without making another cast. Plus, he got his bait back.

Swimbaits: One Cast Two Giant Bass

(Provided by G. Loomis)

Jay Myers from Gull Lake, Mich. shows off a few of the big smallmouth bass he caught while fishing with Zona on Lake Huron. Mark Zona guided Gull Lake, Mich. angler Jay Myers, winner of the G. Loomis Rods contest at D&R Sports Center in Kalamazoo, to two great days of smallmouth fishing.

Fishing Thunder Bay, Mich. in Lake Huron, Myers said they caught more than 50 smallies – a good number of them in the 5-6 pound range.

“Mark really worked hard to provide me with an outstanding fishing experience,” said Myers. “I learned a bunch about smallmouth fishing, and obviously had a few good laughs.”

Fascinating Video of Leaping Big Bass