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(Traditions Media Report)

Pro Angler Bill McDonald

Elbow pain can be downright debilitating for a professional angler. Angler's elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is the most common culprit. Besides intense pain on the upper outside part of the forearm just below the elbow, significant weakness in gripping can occur. Casting, reeling, hook sets and even just holding a light-weight rod and reel combo can be painful.

The past few years, Tournament Bass Angler Bill McDonald's career was being compromised; the chronic pain of angler's elbow was the criminal. To say his game was starting to veer off course was an understatement. He was still catching plenty of fish, but keeping up the concentration needed during every cast did not come easy with jolts of pain bolting through his arm.

McDonald's record has been steadfast since he started fishing professionally in the EverStart series (now Rayovac FLW series) tournaments in 1999. The Greenwood, Indiana, pro's last ten years have been in the FLW Tour, in which he's amassed 18 top-ten finishes and four tournament wins with career earnings of $282,901.

He needed to get rid of the pain to keep those wins coming.

Angler's Elbow Performance Therapy System

By Dr. Jason Halfen - Traditions Media

When the Going Gets Tough, Try a Ned Rig!

As you scan through your fondest fishing memories, they are likely derived from those trips when the fish were, “jumping in the boat,” or “biting everything we threw at them.” These were the days when you, “caught so many, we ran out of bait,” or the bites when you were, “shaking off three-pounders so we could catch the fives.”

Now, be honest with yourself. Those epic success stories are few and far between. You’ll spend many more days on the water when the time spent fishing far exceeds the time spent catching, and excuses coupled to weather, lunar phase, water temperature, and bug hatches substantially outnumber bites.