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Clear H2O

(Provided by Zoom)

Zoom Introduces 5-inch Boot Tail Fluke

Zoom Bait Company announces the release of the new 5-inch Boot Tail Fluke, a solid-bodied swimbait which combines the best attributes of two of Zoom's all-time Classics - the lifelike body of the legendary Fluke with the hard shaking tail of the more recently-introduced hollow Zoom Swimmer.

This latest addition to Zoom's collection fills an important niche, combining the durability and heft of a solid body with the nimble action of the Fluke and the body roll provided by the boot tail. It moves water at any speed, and can be fished throughout the water column. It can be applied to a wide variety of techniques, too.

While the Boot Tail Fluke is exceptional on a weighted swimbait hook or a jighead, it's also deadly on the back of a vibrating jig or swim jig, as well as a castable umbrella rig. When fish demand more water displacement than the Fluke can provide, or they have grown accustom to a hollow-belly profile, this offering is sure to load your livewell.

The 5-inch Boot Tail Fluke will initially be available in five colors to meet a wide variety of water colors and forage bases. Each one comes out of its clamshell package perfectly straight and intact.

Initial colors include 134-091 Albino, 134-350 Electric Shad, 134-357 Tennessee Shad, 134-408 Sight Flash, and 134-409 G's Magic.

The Boot Tail Fluke is currently available at leading tackle stores and online retailers.

Clear H2O Tackle near Edwardsburg will host its Customer Appreciation Spring Tackle Open House March 25-26.

Fishing pro staffers will be on hand to offer tips, there will be tackle giveaway drawings and free food each day. The store will offer a free fishing license promotion and several items will be on sale at discounts.

For more information, call the store at 269-414-4131.

(Provided by Strike King)

Rage Bug by Strike King

Following last year’s launch and impending success of the Rage Bug, our pros as well as consumers flooded us with the exact same request; a bigger version. So by popular demand, we are excited to introduce the all new Magnum Rage Bug!

"The Rage Bug has become a go-to bait for several presentations for me," says Strike King pro and 5-time BASS winner, Todd Faircloth. "Despite the overwhelming success I've had with it, I could often envision the benefit of a larger version,"

Faircloth said the Mag Rage Bug will shine in flipping and punching scenarios. Its larger profile and therefore increased action will be easier for big bass to find, he added.

The all-new Magnum Rage Bug is 4.5î in length and comes in 10 proven colors.