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Your boat trailer is more than just a way of getting your boat to the water. It’s also an extension of your vehicle when you’re on the road. And as such, it requires working tail lights to ensure that fellow motorists can see you clearly and know immediately when you are going to stop or turn.

Maintaining working trailer lights is not just common courtesy. It’s the law, and you don’t want to start or end your day on the water with a citation for a non-functioning tail light.

Luckily, most tail-light issues are caused by a faulty incandescent bulb. In this Mercury Quick Tip Video, we show you how to complete this simple trailer maintenance task in a way that will ensure your tail lights work properly and your bulbs will last as long as possible.

To do it right, you’ll need a screwdriver (most tail-light covers are held on with Phillips screws) and a new bulb of the correct type, of course, as well as latex gloves and dielectric grease (sometimes called electrical grease). These items are available from any auto parts or marine retailer, and it’s a great practice to keep a sealed bag with these items in your tow rig or boat at all times in case a bulb goes out while you’re away from home.