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By Louie Stout

Anglers beware – waterfowl season has opened in Michigan. The early teal and goose hunting seasons began Sept 1.

Anglers are encouraged to show respect for waterfowlers as their time to enjoy their pastime is limited. When you see decoys, give the hunters plenty of space.

Michigan’s early south zone goose season will run from Sept. 1-30 while the early teal season closes Sept. 16.

Indiana’s early goose runs Sept. 11-19 while the early teal runs Sept. 11-26.

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Waterfowl hunters wishing to hunt Michigan’s public lands may apply between now and Aug. 28.

Applications are $5 and hunters may only apply once. Apply online or anywhere DNR licenses are sold. 

Drawing results will be posted Sept. 20. 

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2021 Michigan Duck Stamp

The Michigan Duck Hunters Association, in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, has introduced the 2021 collector's-edition Michigan duck stamp and prints

The Michigan Duck Stamp Program was established in 1976 and has become an icon for waterfowl hunters and wetland conservation enthusiasts. During the past 44 years, the program has gained popularity with collectors and conservation groups throughout the U.S. 

The Michigan Duck Hunters Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to waterfowl and wetland conservation, coordinates the program in partnership with the DNR. Proceeds from stamp sales will be used to fund MDHA projects, with 10% used to match DNR funding for purchasing, restoring and enhancing wetlands. 

The 2021 Michigan duck stamp features a drake wood duck painted by John M. Roberts. Roberts is a wildlife artist from Saginaw Township with a particular interest in waterfowl and painting waterfowl. His winning wood duck image is based on a photograph a friend snapped at Crow Island State Game Area in Saginaw County. 
Your purchase of Michigan waterfowl stamps and prints helps ensure continued conservation of wetlands and waterfowl habitat. Purchasing the stamps is voluntary and does not replace the state waterfowl hunting license. Get your Michigan duck stamps and prints today.

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Canada goose in flight

Hoosier hunters can now take more Canada geese as a result of a recent increase in bag limits.

The daily bag limit for dark geese (Canada geese, white-fronted geese, and brant) is now five in aggregate for the entire season. This means that hunters can harvest any combination of the three species as long as the total does not exceed five. Previously, a daily bag limit of dark geese could only include up to three Canada geese, except during September. The daily bag limit for light geese (snow and Ross’s geese) remains 20.

“Canada goose populations in the Mississippi Flyway are doing very well,” said Adam Phelps, DNR’s waterfowl biologist. “We remain above our population goal for this species, so additional hunting opportunities make sense. We will continue to monitor populations and harvest to ensure that hunting remains sustainable.”

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Look for Leg Bands Or ‘Trackers’ on Indiana GeeseResearchers from the Division of Fish & Wildlife, Ball State University, and Franklin College are using tracking devices to study the behavior of Canada geese in Indiana. If you harvest a goose with one of these devices on its leg, in addition to reporting the metal leg band to the Bird Banding Laboratory, please call 765-285-8842 to report the tracker.

Tracking device locations allows researchers to accurately record the data, helping to sustain future goose hunting opportunities. You will receive an exact replica of the device to keep after the data are downloaded.