Indiana has announced its migratory bird hunting seasons for this fall, including waterfowl.

In the northern zone, duck season runs from Oct. 19-Dec. 8 and again Dec. 21-29. Goose season in the north runs Sept. 14-22, Oct. 19-Nov. 3 and Nov. 23-Feb. 9. The early teal season runs Sept. 14-Nov. 9.

Dove season runs Sept. 1-Oct. 20, Nov. 1-17 and Dec. 14-Jan. 5. Other seasons include woodcock, Oct. 15-Nov. 28; snipe, Sept. 1-Dec. 16; Sora Rail Sept. 1-Nov. 9.

By Louie Stout

The Michigan Natural Resources Commission has approved duck seasons and bag limits for this fall.

Season dates are similar and the only bag limit change is a reduction in pintails back to one bird this year.

Southwest Michigan waterfowl dates include a Sept. 1-16 teal season, Sept. 1 to Feb. 15, Canada geese; and South Zone ducks Oct. 12-Dec. 8 and Dec. 28-29. The youth hunt will be Sept. 22-23. Specific bag limit regulations will be announced here later.

By Louie Stout

Goose Season Prospects Look Good; Ducks are Down

Michiana waterfowlers can expect to enjoy some pretty good goose hunting this fall while duck numbers may be a little down from last year.

The early goose season opened Sept. 1 in Michigan and Saturday in Indiana. Michigan’s southern zone early goose season runs until Sept. 30 while Indiana’s lasts until Sept. 16.

Both states will also enjoy an early teal season. Indiana’s teal season runs Sept. 8-23 while Michigan’s runs Sept. 1-16. The bag limit on teal is six birds in both states.

Indiana and Michigan also offers a youth season. Michigan’s will run Sept. 15-16 while Indiana’s is Oct. 13-14. Accompany adults may not hunt. Check respective hunting guides for more details.