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ICAST Report

The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) wrapped up this week and announced the best new products for 2023, as chosen by the media.

The ICAST Trade Show draws manufacturers from around the world and is where many of next year’s new fishing tackle products are displayed to tackle buyers.

Here’s a breakdown of the winners of each category:

Best of Show - Soft and Hard Coolers
Product: P88-MK Combo | PacBak

Best of Category — Boating Accessories
Product: Frabill ReCharge, Deluxe Aerator | Pure Fishing, Inc.

Best of Category — Boats and Watercraft
Product: BOTE Rackham Gatorshall + APEX Pedal Drive | BOTE

Best of Category — Footwear
Product: AFTCO Ankle Deck Boot | AFTCO

Best of Category — Ice Fishing
Product: Garmin LiveScope Plus Ice Fishing Bundle LI | Garmin USA

MDNR Report

Great Lakes Research Vessel

If you're at a Great Lakes port this season, you might see one of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ large fisheries research vessels conducting annual fish surveys.

The public is encouraged to visit the vessels when in port and talk with the crews about their work. To ensure the safety of all, anglers and boaters are asked to give research vessels and their deployed sampling gear plenty of space when on the water.

“The staff on these vessels is working on a wide variety of studies to better understand Great Lakes fish communities, population sizes and habitats,” said Gary Whelan, DNR fisheries research manager. “Their work and the knowledge gained are essential to supporting current and future fisheries management.”

The vessels are based out of Marquette, Alpena, Charlevoix and Harrison Township harbors.

Lake Huron

Fisheries surveys on Lake Huron are conducted by the research vessel Tanner. This vessel focuses on the sunrise coast’s lake trout, walleye, yellow perch and forage fish populations, which includes time in Saginaw Bay and the Les Cheneaux Islands in the eastern Upper Peninsula. The R/V Tanner visits the St. Marys River once every five years to evaluate fish communities in collaboration with a number of partner agencies represented by the St. Marys River Fisheries Task Group. The next scheduled survey stop is in August 2022.

Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie 

Work on lakes St. Clair and Erie is done by the R/V Channel Cat. This vessel focuses its efforts on walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass and lake sturgeon in the waters that support some of the highest fishing effort seen throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes. New for Lake St. Clair this year is a predator fish survey that is part of the recently initiated lakewide fish community assessment – a collaboration among the Michigan DNR, the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources, and Forestry, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior surveys are conducted by the R/V Lake Char, which assesses the status of Lake Superior’s self-sustaining lake trout and lake whitefish populations along with other members of the lake’s unique coldwater fish community. The R/V Lake Char's plans for 2022 include a trip to Isle Royale for deepwater lake trout spawning habitat assessment, work at Superior Shoals to tag lake trout with archival tags that record depth and temperature and an assessment of lake trout populations at Big Reef. This vessel is also going to assist with lake trout tagging in support of ongoing assessment of the Buffalo Reef stamp sands evaluation.

Tie-a-thon Report

The 16th Annual Tie-a-thon at the Elkhart Conservation Club in Indiana produced thousands of flies to be donated to a group that helps women recovering from breast cancer.

About 40 people gathered to finish flies, socialize, and enjoy a fabulous gourmet lunch. Nearly 35,000 flies were pledged to this year’s event and about 33,000 were in house. The flies will be donated to Casting for Recovery (CfR) Indiana and Michigan for use at future retreats for women recovering from breast cancer. 

Representatives from CfR Indiana and Michigan were on hand to enjoy the day and receive the flies. Co-coordinator Karen O’Briant commented, “I’m blown away by the effort and generosity of the strangers and friends in the fly tying community.”

Boat US Report

Gas prices are up. What can boaters do to prepare for a summer of boating? The 800,000-plus member Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) offers these fuel-saving tips to help boaters save on fuel and still enjoy a fulfilling season on the water. While some of these techniques may sound obvious, there may be some you never considered.

Before Heading Out:

  • Tune your engine now. A once a year for a tune-up and service will help it run more efficiently.
  • Match the boat’s prop to the boat and activity. Propellers are most efficient when they’re matched to the kind of boat you have and what you use it for (e.g., towing water skiers, fishing). Ask the pros at a propeller shop for recommendations and experiment with different models. The right prop can potentially increase fuel efficiency by as much as 10%.

Berkley Report

Everyone wants to know what Santa does after he’s done delivering toys to all the good boys and girls after Christmas. Well, we know the answer – he goes fishing!

So this year, Santa needs your help to decide where he should fish next and what makes it a not-to-be-missed fishing destination.

Fishing tackle brand Berkley and Santa Claus are teaming up to look for fishy cities, towns, and communities who want Santa to visit, fish and donate to a good fishy cause on December 27th. Entering your community in the mix is easy: Answer the questions on the submission form and tell us why Santa should come to your area.