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Garmin Report

Garmin LiveScope Earns Top Honors as Best New Electronics

Garmin International, Inc. earned the coveted “Best of Show” award for its new Panoptix LiveScope at the world’s largest sportfishing trade show, the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST), held recently in in Orlando, Fla.

Prior to being selected as the Best of Show, Panoptix LiveScope was first voted by media and buyers in attendance as the “Best Electronics” in the ICAST New Product Showcase where 974 products were entered by 331 companies, all vying for the ICAST 2018 Best of Show award.

“To not only win the ICAST Best Electronics award, but the Best of Show award, too – it’s an honor we’re incredibly proud of,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Panoptix LiveScope delivers the best of both scanning and live sonar technologies and there’s nothing out there even close to it. These awards solidify our commitment to giving anglers and mariners the most innovative technology on the water, and they further strengthen our desire to be the top marine electronics brand in the world.”

SeaStar Report

SeaStar Announces Next Generation Jackplates

SeaStar Solutions has announced the introduction of its "next generation" SeaStar Jackplates.

The improved Gen II SeaStar Standard and Xtreme Jackplates handle up to 300 and 400 horsepower outboards respectively, are easier to install and adjust and can better resist the damaging effects of the harsh marine environment.

"At SeaStar, we're constantly evaluating our products, looking to make each and every one better and better," said Tom Douglass, vice president of sales and marketing for SeaStar Solutions. "Our engineers used the feedback we've received from our customers to make our Gen II Jackplates the very best they can be. Our customers wanted more - and we've delivered."

Aquaview Report

Underwater Telescope Adds Intrigue with Underwater Camera Viewing

Beneath the surface, things rarely match the imagination. Consider the waterscape beneath a boat dock. Any idea what’s down there? Nope, but sure would like to know. What about that big sunken tree you’ve tried to fish? Who knows what might be living in that snag-infested thing. Any bass below that patch of lily pads? Crappies hiding in the cabbage?

What sonar can’t show, Aqua-Vu can. The innovative underwater viewing company, Aqua-Vu now gives anglers and aquatic explorers the ability to literally reach out and spy on fish in those difficult-to-reach locations. The new XD Pole Camera Adaptor connects Aqua-Vu optics to any threaded telescopic pole.

Think of it as an underwater telescope, bringing remote fish and hard-to-reach sweet spots within visual range.