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By Louie Stout

The Michigan DNR has announced its revised Eagle Lake access proposal and is seeking public comment.

It’s imperative that anglers respond immediately.

The access, located in Cass County and near the Juno Chain, remains embroiled in legal challenges from the lake association but is advancing slowly. This public comment period, that ends July 29, brings us one step closer to having a developed access.

Overwhelming public support could be pivotal.

By Louie Stout

If you’ve been using a Michigan public access this summer, you’ve probably noticed new signs posted at the ramp indicating that you are now required to have the state’s Recreation Passport Sticker on your license plate to use that site or be ticketed.

Here’s why: In 2018, the Michigan DNR Director issued an order that required passport stickers at most public access sites.

For several years, the state has managed pay sites at some of the larger public boat launches (like Diamond Lake in Cass County).

On weekends and holidays, there is a DNR person there to check your vehicle for the passport sticker which is applied to your license plates. Without it, you must pay the daily fee.

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