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Michigan bear and elkMichigan bear and elk

There were 6,586 bear licenses and 260 elk licenses available for the 2024 fall hunting seasons. Drawing results are now in, and you can check them online at eLicense or on the Michigan DNR Hunt Fish app, or call 517-284-9453, to learn if you were successfully drawn. 

Hunters selected in the drawing can buy their license at any license agent or online. Elk hunters drawn for a license will be mailed a packet of information that will include information about the elk hunter orientation.

If you are curious how the drawing process works for bear and elk, watch our videos:

Successfully drawn but unable to hunt this fall?

Successful applicants can transfer or donate their drawing success to an eligible person they know or a person on the Department of Natural Resources hunt waiting list. Transfer forms and other information are available at Michigan.gov/HuntTransfers. The deadline to transfer a license is Sept. 1.

DNR hunt waiting list

Unsuccessful youth applicants and those with an advanced illness can register for a donated (transferred) bear or elk hunt until July 10. Register at Michigan.gov/HuntTransfers.