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Kevin VanDam's Bass Strategies

Revised Edition!


2010 Revised Edition!

Bass StrategiesBass StrategiesUpdated by Kevin himself with new tips, tricks, and images throughout the text. Completely revised for today's angler. Plus, an all new section on POWER Fishing.

Angling superstar Kevin VanDam analyzes the dilemmas bass fisherman face on reservoirs, natural lakes, and rivers, then unveils his guarded secrets for catching bass under tough conditions. His experience with a variety of fish has given him an insight to innovative bass strategies and techniques that have never been revealed...until now.

The nation's most revered bass angler reveals everything you need to know to catch more bass from reservoirs, natural lakes, and rivers. In addition to dozens of tips for finding and catching bass, VanDam analyzes the dilemmas anglers face and how to overcome them.

Kevin VanDam has teamed with Hall of Fame journalist and Bassmaster Senior Writer Louie Stout to produce one of the most comprehensive bass books ever written. 210 pages, English.

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Secrets of a Champion


Secrets of a ChampionWorld champion Kevin VanDam reveals tips and tricks that have made him one of America's most revered bass fishermen. As the all time money leader in the sport of professional bass fishing, VanDam is an icon in professional angling.Secrets of a Champion

In Secrets of a Champion, Kevin details how he chooses and customizes lures, where he fishes them, tricks for getting stubborn bass to strike, and fishing secrets he's never shared with the angling public. The book also includes a cast-by-cast account of his strategy for winning the 2001 BASS Masters Classic. 167 pages, English.

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