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Clear H2O

Fly Fishers’ Tie-a-thon to Benefit Kids at Camp; Tiers Needed!

Fly tiers from various Fly Fishers International and Trout Unlimited Clubs from around the Great Lakes region will come together next April for the 13th annual Tie-a-thon to tie and donate flies to Camp Kita and the Mayfly Project, both of which are groups that cater to youths.

The event is being held at the Elkhart, Ind. Conservation Club, which has donated their use of their facility again. More than 113,000 flies from previous Tie-A-Thons have been donated since the first Tie-a-thon was held.

Attendance isn’t required to help out. As the Tie-a-thon has done in previous years, flies will be accepted from individuals who are willing to donate their time and materials and finished flies for this year’s two worthy causes.

By Louie Stout

There’s More Than Trout and Salmon in Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan may be best known for its trout, salmon and yellow perch, but other gamefish species seem to add to the lake’s intrigue as well.

Including muskie. That’s right muskie.

In early September, Indiana DNR employee Ryan Henry was fishing for salmon off the lighthouse pier in Michigan City.

He was casting a Storm Mag Wart in ugly colors when a giant muskie hit. The fish, which was released after photos, measured close to 42 inches.

He also caught a coho and a nice king on the lure. Lake Michigan Biologist Brian Breidert, who had loaned him the lure, said it was one of the ugliest lure’s he’s ever seen.

Rapala Report

Shad Rap ‘Super’ for Fall Muskies

With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to load your boat with monsters – monster muskies.

In lakes with big populations of perch or shad, the best trick for treating yourself to a record esox this fall is trolling Rapala Super Shad Raps.

The tactic is so effective on Green Bay that it often yields multiple 45-plus-inch fish per day.

“The Super Shad trend goes back some years ago, when Doug Stange of In-Fisherman and I had a 6-fish day trolling them on a TV show,” recalls Capt. Bret Alexander, an in-demand guide on Green Bay. “Before that, people were mostly using the bigger, more aggressive muskie baits. But Super Shads just perfectly match the hatch in Green Bay.