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X2Power BatteriesX2Power Batteries

X2Power has added to its lineup of AGM batteries with the introduction of four new deep cycle, lithium battery options specifically designed for the kayak angler, boater and RV enthusiast.

On the water or in the RV, there is no doubt that your power source is going to stand up to the conditions and be able to keep your equipment powered up.

“The X2Power brand has made a significant push into the fishing space with our line of AGM batteries. We have been asked time and time again about if and when we would be introducing a lithium lineup and are proud to launch our expanded line,” said X2Power’s VP of Category Management, Shawn Budiac.

By Louie Stout

Gary Yamamoto Book Details History Behind Senko, Hula GrubGary Yamamoto Book Details History Behind Senko, Hula Grub

Two of the most reliable lures used by Michiana anglers are the Yamamoto Senko and the Hula Grub. Both have accounted for thousands of bass across northern Indiana and southern Michigan natural lakes.

Bassmaster Senior Writer Steve Price documents the life and history behind the man who created them, Gary Yamamoto, and how they and other lures were created.

“My Life with Fish” is an easy read yet fascinating book about Yamamoto’s legacy and his phenomenal business, not only as a lure designer, but as a top-notch West Coast bass pro and cattle rancher. We read it and truly enjoyed hearing the backstory to Yamamoto’s success.

The soft cover version is available for $19.95 online at www.baits.com or by calling the Yamamoto office, 800-645-2248. A hard cover will be available in 4-6 weeks for $24.95.

(Provided by Rizzoli Publications)

Impressive cookbook covers all the bases for anglers, hunters and gardeners.Impressive cookbook covers all the bases for anglers, hunters and gardeners.THE FIELD TO TABLE COOKBOOK brings more than 150 family-pleasing, nutritious, and accessible recipes to home cooks who want to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of procuring and cooking clean, organic meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

The increasing popularity of the modern farm-to-table movement— bringing locally sourced food to the family—is brought to its logical conclusion in author Susan L. Ebert's field-to-table food aesthetic. Ebert—an experienced hunter, angler, forager, and gardener—says it best herself, “What if, I thought, I had just one book: one that had the basics of which animals to hunt when; what species of fish to target in each month; what native nuts, berries, roots, and leaves were prime for foraging? And what if it also had tips on year-round organic gardening, since our climate is so generous with its growing seasons? And, of course, at its heart would be more than 150 recipes with menus combining each month’s most prized fare, and how to best preserve wild game and fish, and fruits and vegetables at their peak, so they could be savored all year long.”

Ebert pairs her straightforward recipes with more than 100 illustrative photos of procuring food in the field and presenting it on the table, along with tips on dressing, deboning, preparing, drying, curing, and preserving nature’s bounty. This book is a wonderful resource: as a thorough seasonal guide to cooking with game, foraged food and organic vegetables (for non-hunters and hunters alike); as a cookbook for hunters; and as a guide for home cooks who prepare fish and game for their family. No intimidation here, this is the elegant yet accessible cookbook championing the original human culinary endeavor, self-sustainability.

THE FIELD TO TABLE COOKBOOK: Gardening, Foraging, Fishing, & Hunting

By Susan L. Ebert
Foreword by Jesse Griffiths
Welcome Books / an imprint of Rizzoli New York
ISBN: 978-1-59962-132-6
PRICE: $40.00 US & CAN • £25.95 UK
Hardcover / 288 pages / 100 color photographs / 8" x 10"

Tel. (212) 387-3400
Telefax (212) 387-3535

300 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010

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BoatUS Has Come a long Way in 50 YearsBoatUS Has Come a long Way in 50 YearsIn 1966, boaters could buy a new mid-sized cruiser for about $7,000, outboard engines had just surpassed 100 horsepower, and recreational boating was growing on a large scale across America. It was also in ’66 that the nation’s largest recreational boating group, Boat Owners Association of The United States ( HYPERLINK "http://www.BoatUS.com" BoatUS), got its start thanks to Founder Richard Schwartz who saw a need to make recreational boaters’ lives better.

His vision of offering representation, improving safety, providing quality services at competitive prices and saving boaters money was all rolled up into the “service, savings and representation” motto that remains at the core of the more than half million member organization today.

“BoatUS has always been there for boaters and always will be,” said BoatUS President Margaret Podlich. “Whether it’s helping boaters have a safe day on the water, ensuring that boating taxes go to boating programs, offering competitive boat insurance coverage, or having the largest on water towing fleet in the nation, BoatUS is proudly the single source of exceptional service and savings. We’re steadfast in our commitment to protect boaters and their rights, making boating safer, more affordable and accessible.”

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Free Fishing Game from RapalaFree Fishing Game from Rapala

The "Rapala Daily Catch," a one-touch, free pro-fishing game is now available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Travel to beautiful, real-world, 3D environments across North America to hunt the sportís top freshwater game fish. Compete against friends and anglers from around the world with exciting daily challenges and online tournaments for rewards.

Rapala Daily Catch makes it easy to score even the toughest fish with an intuitive interface and comfortable controls for realistic casting, hooking and reeling. Gear up with authentic Rapala equipment, including dozens of real Rapala lures, to find the best combinations of tackle and motion to land the biggest hauls for each location. Rapala Daily Catch features seamless above- and below-water camera perspectives and gameplay, as well as haptic rumble feedback on select Android devices.

Rapala Daily Catch is free to download today on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the App Store, as well as on Android devices through Google Play. It supports unlimited fishing - play all day without timers or energy restrictions!

Joy of Nature PhotographyJoy of Nature PhotographyFor fair weather sportsmen who prefer to read on a cold, wintry night, Steve Price’s “Joy of Nature Photography” ($14.99) is one of the best I’ve read.

It offers advice for those who shoot from cell phones to those who use more sophisticated zoom lenses on big cameras.

Price is one of the most talented nature photographers I know, and his easy to understand book with full color photos is filled with 101 of the most helpful, yet common sense tips you’ll find. By following his simple tips, you’ll bring next year’s photos to life and help avoid the mistakes so many amateur photographers make. It’s published by Skyhorse Publishing and can be found on Amazon.