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It takes more than skill and luck to consistently fool one of North America’s most-challenging species. Your turkey-hunting gear matters.

New for the 2022 spring turkey-hunting season, Blocker Outdoors announces availability of its popular Shield Series Silentec Jacket and Pant – now available in Mossy Oak Bottomland – as well as the Finisher Turkey Balaclava, Finisher Turkey Facemask, and Finisher Text Touch Glove.

Shield Series Silentec Jacket Features

Blocker Shield Series Silentec Jacket

  • S3® silver antimicrobial technology for odor prevention
  • Deadly quiet micro-fleece, 100% smooth polyester exterior fabric
  • Three-pocket design (one chest & two waist) for essential gear storage
  • Adjustable three-piece hood for comfort
  • Hexagonal fleece liner for just-right warmth
  • All-season performance for year-round versatility
  • Nine sizes from MD – 3XT
  • Available in Mossy Oak Bottomland, Realtree Edge, or Realtree Excape
  • MSRP $99.99
  • Item # 1055711

By Larry Wise
International Archer Champion

Find Your True Draw Length Key to Bow Buying

The most important decision when buying a bow is getting the right draw length. Without the proper knowledge and some expert advice, the novice ñ and even some experienced archers ñ has made disastrous mistakes.

Knowing your true draw length is as important to your shooting success as knowing your shoe size is to your walking comfort. When the shoe doesnít fit, you feel miserable until you change it; same goes with an improperly fitted bow.

The most accurate method of measuring true draw length is to draw the bow of a friend who is about the same arm length as you. You must consider whether or not you plan to shoot the same style as your friend, i.e., with a release aid or fingers only. Release aids generally act as an extension of your fingers and cause the string to be drawn a shorter distance than when drawn using a finger tab. This difference can be as much as two inches.

By Louie Stout

GK CallsMichiana Outdoors News welcomes GK Calls as the exclusive sponsor of our popular how-to videos.

GK World Championship Calls is a Michigan-based company that manufactures premium duck and goose calls for waterfowlers. GK Calls – which stands for Giant Killer – are the choices of serious hunters. They’ve produced more than 200 first places in calling contests, won every major title on the goose calling circuit, and produced the Champion of Champion’s title in 2010.

While some call manufacturers emphasize trendy cosmetics, GK spends a significant amount of time perfecting each call that leaves the factory.

Mossy Oak has partnered with ScoutLook weather to bring big game hunters a free Smartphone app for hunting weather.

Bill Little, co-founder of ScoutLook weather said, “Mossy Oak made this free version of our original app possible, and we’re proud of our association with them. The new app remains a world-class resource with location based weather details so hunters can get important information where they are or where they need it.”

The map-based weather, solunar, and popular ScentConeTM wind tool that help hunters decide where, when and how to hunt is now available at no cost. Mossy Oak wanted to provide this powerful FREE version of the original app to the entire hunting community so all can benefit. It’s available for the iPhone and Android based phone. To download or view apps, visit www.scoutlookweather.com/mossyoak.

By Kevin Claire

Havoc CrossbowWhen it comes to crossbows there seems to be three schools of thought.

The first is that the equipment shouldn’t be considered normal archery equipment and the mere mention of one could result in a profanity laced tirade. The second is more based on the curiosity side. This group is intrigued, but not overly anxious, to change from their existing hunting gear. The third says now that it’s legal; I’m going to give it a try.