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IDNR Report

More than 36,000 Coho salmon were recently stocked in multiple rivers and streams in northern Indiana last week.

Bodine State Fish Hatchery released Coho salmon into the Little Calumet River and Trail Creek. A total of 14,000 fish were stocked into the East Branch of the Little Calumet. About 22,000 fish were planted into Trail Creek. These fish were approximately 7.2 inches long.

IDNR Report

Credit Indiana Muskie Club with Barbee Chain Access Expansion

A parking lot may not sound like something that is important to conservation, but in a time when most people drive to their destinations, parking is a necessity. Without a legal parking area, outdoor enthusiasts run the risk of returning to their vehicles to find they have been ticketed or towed. How can people experience the wonders of outdoor recreation and care about the conservation of public lands if they are unable to access these places?

The Indiana Natural Resources Foundation and the Indiana Muskie Club recently worked in partnership with the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife to purchase land along Kuhn Lake in northeast Indiana to solve the parking problem for local boaters and fishermen. The solution was to create a legal parking area for outdoor enthusiasts.


IDNR Report

Indiana DNR has launched a new website for public reporting of sick or dead wildlife.

The new online tool is designed to collect information about Indiana wildlife that appears sick or has died without an apparent cause. Reports are added to an active database that helps DNR track wildlife health over time and detect disease outbreaks.

The form can be found at on.IN.gov/sickwildlife.