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Magic Report

Magic Products, the maker of worm care products, preserved baits, bait containers and fish attractants, has expanded its product line with the all-new Lock-A-Lure and Live Bait Coolers. Magic Products has been providing innovative solutions for anglers of all kinds since 1965, and continues that tradition with the newest additions to its lineup of fishing products launching today.

Magic Products Live Bait Cooler

The Live Bait Coolers provide reliability to anglers at an affordable price point. Available in 9-quart or 13.5-quart options, Magic’s Live Bait Coolers are built to last with an injection-molded body and sturdy metal handles. The Cooler includes a bait net and is paired with Magic’s Aerobait Quiet Air II aerator, designed to keep bait alive and active longer.

Suggested retail for the 9-Quart is $59.99 and $69.99 for the 13.5-Quart version.

Key Features

  • Two-speed aerator and bait net included
  • Integrated, non-slip, rubber feet
  • Great for minnows, shrimp and other live bait
  • Hinged lid and clasp for a secure seal

Garmin Report


Garmin announced its newest marine mapping solution, Garmin Navionics+™, is now available preloaded into select ECHOMAP™ Ultra and ECHOMAP UHD2 series chartplotters.

This all-in-one mapping solution features vibrant colors and a streamlined interface, plus a one-year subscription to daily map updates to deliver superior inland and coastal coverage from the world’s No. 1 name in marine mapping.

“In our pursuit to provide the greatest global cartography solutions to our customers, we’re excited to offer preloaded Garmin Navionics+ mapping throughout our full range of chartplotters, now including the popular ECHOMAP Ultra and ECHOMAP UHD2 series,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Thanks to the built-in detail-rich mapping from Garmin Navionics+, you’ll know the waters as if you grew up fishing them.”

Offering a myriad of features—including an all-new map presentation and daily map updates—Garmin Navionics+ mapping is designed to smoothly guide boaters on the water, or quickly lead anglers to where the fish may be hiding. It also features color-shaded target depth ranges, up to 1-foot depth contours, shallow water shading and access to ActiveCaptain® community content for valuable insight on points of interest, recommendations and advice from fellow boaters.

New, redesigned map presentation

Garmin Navionics+ offers an improved look and feel—with a vibrant color palette and greater detail of inland and coastal features—to deliver a new, on-screen map presentation for more intuitive navigation on the lake or at sea. This new interface displays maps in striking detail with a crystal-clear look at the depths below the boat, as well as surrounding structure and navigational aids above the waterline.

Up to 5,000 daily updates

With up to 5,000 updates to map content every day, Garmin Navionics+ offers the freshest insights about any body of water for enhanced situational awareness and peace of mind while navigating. Daily map updates combine millions of contributions from private and public surveyors, crowd-sourced data and more, delivering fresh, up-to-date content each time mariners leave shore. With coverage of more than 42,000 lakes worldwide, daily updates allow for immediate access to new lake content and chart data as it is released. A one-year subscription is included and once activated, customers can access unlimited daily map updates using the ActiveCaptain app. For quick-and-easy access to ongoing up-to-date content after the first year, customers can opt-in for an auto-renewal subscription.

Advanced autorouting technology

Garmin Report

ECHOMAP UHD2 Chartplotter

Garmin announced new ECHOMAP™ UHD2 series chartplotters that offer anglers premium features like Ultra High-Definition sonar, preloaded Garmin Navionics+™ mapping with an included one-year subscription to daily map updates, wireless networking for data sharing and support for Garmin’s award-winning LiveScope™ live-scanning sonar.

Available with a 6”, 7” or 9” bright, sunlight-readable touchscreen display with keyed assist, anglers can easily control and operate the functions they depend on for a successful day on the water, including zooming in or out on the map or quickly toggling between different sonar views.

“The ECHOMAP UHD2 series has the power and functionality to meet the demands of today’s angler,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “They’ll know the water better than a local thanks to our best-in-class sonar and mapping which come preloaded in the new units, and revel in the lightning-fast map redraw speed and convenience of the ECHOMAP UHD2’s all-in-one design.”

Best-in-class sonar

For crystal-clear imaging of fish and structure, the new ECHOMAP UHD2 chartplotters are available bundled with an Ultra High-Definition GT54UHD or GT56UHD transducer that provides brilliant ClearVü™ and SideVü™ scanning sonar images and amazingly clear CHIRP traditional sonar. Garmin offers the choice of 16 vivid color palette options, so it’s easier to distinguish fish and structure based on the user’s preferences and fishing conditions. These plotters are also compatible with Garmin LiveScope, so anglers can see real-time sonar imagery of fish and structure below and around their boat up to 200’ down.

Must-have mapping for boating and fishing

Pinpoint the perfect honey hole or navigate to the next destination with enhanced situational awareness thanks to the built-in Garmin Navionics+ U.S. inland mapping or coastal charts. This all-in-one cartography solution features vibrant colors and a streamlined interface, plus a one-year subscription to daily map updates to deliver superior inland or coastal coverage from the world’s No. 1 name in marine mapping.

Freedom Tackle Report

Ultra Diver Shad

The all-new Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Shad and Ultra Diver Minnow from American Baitworks are designed to dive deeper than most similarly-sized lures.

The Ultra Diver Shad is a deep-diving crankbait while the Minnow version is a jerk or trolling bait.

Both have a forward-weighted and cloverleaf- shaped bills to help create radical deflection off structure and ensure they stay at maximum depth for longer periods of time.

The crankbait has a seamless one-piece bill design and sonic-welded body to help it last through even the most intense battles. It has premium black nickel hooks and is available in a 3.25 and 2.25 sizes and several popular colors.

Ultra Diver Minnow

The Minnow version is built with a 3-piece sonic-welded body, an integrated one-piece bill, and premium VMC black nickel hooks. The durable lure is offered in 3- and 4-inch sizes and several popular Minnow-style lure colors.

For more information, visit www.americanbaitworks.com.

Ever Green IR Finesse Jig

Known for their extraordinary bass-catching abilities, there’s just something special about rubber-skirted jigs. Pitched, flipped, dragged, or hopped, they simply catch fish.

Enter the Ever Green IR Finesse Jig, a rubber-skirted jig.

It has a radical new take in rubber-skirted finesse bass jig design. The lure is a cross between a football-head, round head, grass jig, and sim jig to ply bluegill and crawfish inhabited waters.

The head is perfectly rounded to drop straight, deflect of structure, and crawl linearly on bare bottoms like gravel and sand. The head’s line-tie is at a 45-degree angle, which accommodates direct line to your rod tip for better feels and control. The intended line-tie angle also assists successful hooksets. Its custom long-shank hook is sharp and unbending. The IR Finesse Jig also features a significant wire bait-keeper to fortify plastic trailers, while a single and double rattle holder on the base of the head allows for an audible addendum for mimicking crawdad “clicks”.