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Ego Fishing Report

EGO Weigh-in Bag/Cooler

You’ve heard the stories over the years. So-and-so would have won the big-money tournament if it hadn’t been for a dead fish at weigh-in.

A solution to similar sad stories, EGO is proud to offer the affordable and easy-to-carry FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER, designed from the ground up to provide a safe and friendly way for the tournament angler to transport fish to tournament weigh-ins, as well as ice fish for dinner, even chill beverages.

Large enough to contain a limit of bass—even kickers—EGO’s FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER spans 21” (L) x 4” (W) x 22” (H) and weighs a mere two pounds.

St. Croix Report

St. Croix Legend Tournament Pike Series

Furthering its mission to provide all anglers with the Best Rods in any situation, St. Croix Rod announces the all-new Legend Tournament Pike Series.

It consists of six technique-specific casting rods purpose-engineered and handcrafted in the USA to give uncompromising performance in the pursuit of pike.

The new Legend Tournament Pike Series rods are built with proprietary materials, technologies and uncompromising workmanship, as well as the company’s significant experience and capabilities in the design and manufacture of powerful, high-performance rods for large, freshwater predators.

They feature next-generation hybrid SCIV+ carbon fiber blanks and incorporate St. Croix’s top technologies and premium components. Retail prices range from $340 to $430 USD with a 15-year warranty.

Daiwa Report

Daiwa Ardito Muskie Travel Rod

Daiwa’s on-site crew will showcase its soon-to-be-available Ardito Muskie travel rods during the 25th annual Indiana Muskie Classic at Barbee, Tippecanoe and Webster lakes.

“The participants who fish this event are exactly the type of avid anglers who we want to show our commitment and focus on muskie tackle and the muskie fishing market,” said Rick Stagowski, who assists Daiwa’s sales efforts with tackle dealers throughout the Midwest states. “From the success we had with the new Daiwa’s Bessie muskie lures introduced at fishing shows this past winter, along with these new Ardito travel rods in lengths, powers, and action for big muskie and northern pike fishing on lakes throughout the Midwest and Canada, to additional muskie-focused rods and reels being introduced at the 2023 ICAST Show, Daiwa continues its goal of being a major tackle brand for muskie anglers.”

Ego Fishing Report

EGO’s Kryptek Fillet Knife

Fillet knife prices are all over the board. There are culinary-grade options pushing two hundred bucks. Inversely, you’re confronted with questionable options floating around five-bucks, and a whole slew between twenty and a hundred bucks. What’s an angler to do?

EGO Fishing has an answer. The new Kryptek Fillet Knife goes for around twenty bucks and blends a cutlery quality blade with workmanlike design to be the ultimate go-to fillet knife.

Ego Fishing Report

Whether you’re wading inshore, casting metro canals or ponds, chunking-and-winding bass from the bow, or battling big waters, we all need gear that gets the job done. While most of us spend plenty of money on rods, reels, line, tackle, and weather-capable apparel—fishing tools and accessories are sometimes an afterthought.

We’ve all been there, asking fellow anglers if anybody has pliers, hook remover, or line-cutter. That’s fine when fishing with buddies, but out solo it can be a sad situation.

Now add your once-in-a-lifetime landing of a trophy fish without any scale or measuring tape to validate the catch. Hard to say how many potential wall-mount replicas (and record-breakers) have been released without specs, only to survive in blurry, first-person cellphone photos and tall tales.