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Tournament News Powered By Lake Drive MarineTournament News Powered By Lake Drive Marine

Strike King Report

KVD J300 Deep Sinking JerkbaitKVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait

Adding depth to an already robust jerkbait collection, Strike King introduces the new KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait and an even wider color selection to the KVD Elite Jerkbait line up.

The KVD Elite Jerkbait is tournament ready right out of the package with upgraded Mustad Triple Grip hooks and premium paint finishes. It maintains the action of the legendary Strike King jerkbaits.

“I am really excited to bring my KVD Elite Jerkbait series into the 200 and 300 Deep bodies. We spent a lot of time tweaking these colors to make them the best they could be. With my signature Mustad Triple Grip Hooks already on the baits, these are tournament winners right out of the package!” says Kevin VanDam, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler.

The new KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait allows you to fish a jerkbait in depths that no other jerkbait can get to. Watch it sink down on your forward-facing sonar until it gets to the depth you desire, then start ripping it back to the boat and watch the fish go crazy. The jerkbait is weighted perfectly to sink nearly 0.5-feet per second and maintains the amazing erratic action of the standard KVD 300 Deep Jerkbait.

“I’ve spent a lot of time playing with the KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait and utilizing weights to allow me to fish deeper. We've added some weight to the new KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait without compromising the action of the lure,” says Mark Zona, host of Zona's Awesome Fishing Show and co-host of Bassmaster Live. “I can watch it sink right down to fish on my Humminbird LIVE that I could never reach with a jerkbait... until now!”.

Suggested retail for the KVD Elite J200 & J300: is $14.99 while the KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait is $11.99.

Berkley Report

There’s no question that the big bait trend is the strongest it has ever been.
The new Berkley PowerBait CullShad – a shallow water harnessed swimbait – is now available.

The PowerBait CullShad produced immediate demand during the 2023 Major League Fishing REDCREST tournament.

Through countless design iterations, feedback generation, and testing the CullShad answers the call providing a solution to many of the frustrations anglers experience with harnessed swimbaits.

In addition, the CullShad brings the added benefit of taste to the category of large swimbaits. Infused with Berkley’s famous and scientifically engineered taste of PowerBait it’s easy to see why the CullShad garnered fast praise from the pros.

For anglers looking to take their shallow water swim-baiting to a new level, the CullShad combines big profile drawing power with proprietary Honey Comb Technology for next-level action and durability. It has smart weighting ability, hassle-free harness and hook clip.

Daiwa Report

Daiwa Daiwa-REVROS-LT Spinning ReelDaiwa Daiwa-REVROS-LT Spinning Reel

DAIWA announces improvements to its gateway spinning reel – REVROS LT. Available in sizes from 1000 to 6000, DAIWA brings anglers of all budgets a quality reel that doesn’t break the bank.

“Even at this price—$59.99 to $79.99—we were able to design and bring to market an improved, affordable spinning reel from size 1000 to 6000 for freshwater, inshore, and light-surf applications,” says DAIWA Senior Marketing Manager, Marc Mills.

“What’s great about this improved generation of REVROS LT is it now sports a ZAION V body, which is simultaneously lighter and a lot stronger than what other manufacturers are using in this price range. This is true carbon resin graphite. It keeps all the bearings and gears in precise alignment because the material is harder and more rigid. The body doesn’t bend or lose efficiency,” says Mills.

Rapala Report

Rapala Rippin’ BladeRapala Rippin’ Blade

Building on the success of the Rippin Rap, Rapala is introducing the Rippin’ Blade.

This slender, lipless, bladebait lure produces a tight, instant vibration on the lift or retrieve and because it is perfectly balanced, it falls upright, reducing line twists and fouling. The Rippin’ Blade comes in 10 premium colors that give a fresh look to the blade bait market.

The Rippin’ Blade is a hi-tech blade bait designed to be cast, pitched, or vertically jigged. Blade baits excel in cooler water and the Rippin’ Blade is no different, proving it’s place as a cousin to the Rippin’ Rap. Whether its early springtime walleyes, late fall smallmouth or anything in between, the Rippin’ Blade is going to earn a place in every angler’s tacklebox.

What’s more, with three-line tie positions on the top blade, it’s easy to customize the action to fish any situation or time of the year. And with its tungsten weighted belly, it gets to the bottom fast and is easy to fish in deep water, heavy current or strong wind.

The lure features a durable, metal frame-plastic body construction, a VMC® crankbait snap, and two, super sharp No. 6 VMC® black nickel round bend treble hooks.

The new Rippin’ Blade comes in ten eye-catching colors: chrome blue, clown, chrome tiger, firetiger, gold, gold chrome tiger, glow, purpledescent, silver, and wonderbread. The new lure is being introduced in size no. 7. It has a body length of 2-3/4-inches and weighs 9/16 oz. It has a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Curado 200 MCurado 200 M
Curado 200 M

Shimano North America Fishing has introduced the newest technically refined addition to the acclaimed Curado line of low-profile baitcasting reels.

The Curado 200 M inherits the latest Shimano reel technologies to provide ultimate castability in any power fishing situation.

The Curado 200 M boasts expanded line capacity without compromise as Shimano leverages MagnumLite (MGL) Spool III to reduce start-up inertia, which comes in handy when throwing large swimbaits, heavy jigs, deep-diving cranks, and oversized frogs.

The addition of SilentTune technology improves spool quietness during casts. SVS Infinity braking technology provides precision casting performance with easy-to-manage and consistent spool control and brake force adjustments when faced with demanding conditions or switching between baits.

The Curado 200 M features an aluminum HAGANE Body for added rigidity to increase cranking power and overall reeling efficiency. MicroModule Gear, Cross Carbon Drag, and X-Ship deliver the tournament-tested smoothness, durability, and versatility for which the Curado family is known.

To learn more about the Curado reel lineup visit fish.shimano.com.