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Gamakatsu Report

G-Finesse Feathered Treble MH

Gamakatsu has introduced the G-Finesse Feathered Treble MH.

The design was based upon the input of the late great, Aaron Martens. The existing medium-heavy G-Finesse Trebles took the bass world by storm six years ago, and the addition of life-like and vibrant feathers fills the lineup.

Like their predecessors, the G-Finesse feathered trebles utilize Tournament-Grade Wire construction, allowing the points to remain sharper, longer. That means anglers will use fewer of them while ensuring better hook-up percentages as the fishing day goes. Furthermore, they are stronger than hooks of the same diameter wire. They come with a Nano Smooth Coat that makes penetration even easier.

These new trebles come two to a pack, adorned with either white or chartreuse premium feathers and tinsel, hand-selected by Martens to tempt even the most finicky fish.

They are offered in sizes 6, 4, 2, 1, and 1/0.

Daiwa Report

Daiwa Technique-Specific Tatula XT Rods

Daiwa offers an affordable way to have an array of technique-specific rods rigged and ready with the new Tatula XT bass rod series.

Available at select tackle shops for $99.99 (USD), the Tatula XT rods - designed for both savvy anglers and those just discovering the added thrill of tournament bass fishing – include nine casting and six spinning models for everything from using finesse baits in clear water to casting frogs with heavy braided line in thick cover.

The model lineup ranges from the Tatula XT731MHFB, a versatile 7-foot-3-inch casting rod, to the 7-foot-6-inch extra-heavy power Tatula XT76XHFB casting rod for flipping and pitching and for use with a heavy Carolina-rig. On the spinning side, Daiwa experts believe the 7-foot-1 Tatula XT711MLXS will find a home on many boat decks rigged with a drop-shot rig or to work a Neko bait. If the need calls for a bigger soft plastic or a wacky rig, check out the Tatula 7-foot XT701MHFS.

Lowrance Report

Lowrance is offering new, lower pricing on HDS LIVE displays and ActiveTarget Live Sonar beginning today. The new prices include:

  • Previously $2,099, HDS LIVE 9, no transducer is now $1,599
  • Previously $2,199, HDS LIVE 9 with Active Imaging 3-in-1 is now $1,699
  • Previously $3,349, HDS LIVE 12, no transducer is now $2,649
  • Previously $3,449 HDS LIVE 12 with Active Imaging 3-in-1 is now $2,749
  • Previously $4,899, HDS LIVE 16, no transducer is now $4,099
  • Previously $$4,999, HDS LIVE 16 with Active Imaging 3-in-1 is now $4,199
  • Previously $1,649, ActiveTarget Live Sonar is now $1,249
  • Previously $6,649, Dual HDS LIVE 12 Boat in Box is now $5,749
  • Previously $5,549, HDS LIVE 9 & 12 Boat in Box is now $4,699
  • Previously $2,749, Elite FS 9 and ActiveTarget Bundle is now $2,099

HDS LIVE is the heart of the Ultimate Fishing System and provides complete integration from bow to stern. Compatible with HDS LIVE displays, Lowrance’s revolutionary ActiveTarget Live Sonar provides anglers immediate feedback on how fish are relating to structure and reacting to a lure presentation, letting them know if their approach is working or if it is time to change things up to get fish to strike.

For more information on these savings, please visit www.lowrance.com.

Ever Green Report

Ever Green XV-5 Shad-like Crankbait

Where’s there’s shad, there’s gamefish—and once located, you better have on a bait that looks and acts like the predominant food.

Enter the Ever Green XV-5 crossover, a shad-bait unlike anything on the market.

Again, designed in Japan to service bass anglers used to difficult, discerning bass on waters like famed Lake Biwa, the XV-5 was painstakingly designed and tested to catch fish when other methods fail—even $30 artisan-painted jerkbaits, which Japan is also known for. The bait does not feature a knocker or internal rattle—also a plus for targeting clear, water pressured fish. The tight wobbled produces all the vibration and sound necessary to draw the lateral line detection of bass, stripers, wipers, white bass, walleyes, and trout.

Berkley Report

Berkley Slobberknocker

Berkley has announced its version of a bladed jig for 2023.

The Berkley Slobberknocker features an innovative through-head design that is completely unique from other bladed jigs. After countless hours spent testing on and off the water, Berkley Labs scientists fine-tuned this unique design that not only delivers a consistent vibration but is also perfectly suited to come through heavy cover while staying engaged.

It features a hand-tied Berkley silicone skirt infused with PowerBait flavor to help ensure that every fish that bites will hold on longer, it also features a chip-resistant paint finish and sticky sharp Fusion19 hook. And, to match the hatch, it's available in 12 premium forage matching colorways.

Suggested retail is $13.99.