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Gamakatsu Report

Gamakatsu’s new MaxEye Jig Heads are premium walleye jigs featuring the attention-getting MaxEye are available in numerous sizes and colors. The large, highly detailed life-like eye provides fish a focal point that they can’t resist. 

Gamakatsu’s MaxEye jigs heads have a durable paint finish that will not chip or flake. They also boast a dual offset rebarb wire keeper and collar system, which will safely secure the softest and most-fragile plastics or live bait without tearing. The premium Big River Jig Hook used on the MaxEye Jig Heads is tuned to provide an ideal balance of strength and weight. They sport an increased gap diameter to increase hook-ups and a special bend with an acute angle to provide better holding power. 

The Gamakatsu MaxEye Jig Pill Head has a shape which resists snags and imparts a unique action when it contacts the bottom. This design pairs well with live baits or plastics. The larger MaxEye Jig Swim Head has a special design that’s great for use with any soft plastic swimbait, and it pairs perfectly with bulky plastics or smaller finesse baits.

Gamakatsu MaxEye Jig Pill Head

MaxEye Jig Pill Head Features:

  • Unique Pill Head design resists snags and imparts a unique action when it contacts the bottom
  • Pairs well with live baits and plastics
  • High quality walleye-specific colors make this jig stand out in a crowded segment
  • Durable paint finish will not flake or chip
  • Sizes: 1/0, 2/0
  • Colors: Glow Silver Sparkle, Chrome Chartreuse Sparkle, Chrome Pink Sparkle, Chrome Blue Sparkle, Firetiger Sparkle, Chrome Perch Sparkle
  • Qty/Pkg: 3
  • 1/0 (1/8, 3/16 ounce)
  • 2/0 (1/4, 3/8, 1/2 ounce)

Gamakatsu MaxEye Jig Swim Head

MaxEye Jig Swim Head Features:

  • Special Swim Head design for use with any number of soft plastic swimbaits
  • Pairs great with bulky plastics or smaller finesse baits
  • Premium walleye jig featuring the MaxEye to draw strikes from predator fish
  • High quality walleye-specific colors make this jig stand out in a crowded segment
  • Size: 3/0, 4/0
  • Weights (ounces): 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4
  • Color: Glow Silver Sparkle, Chrome Chartreuse Sparkle, Chrome Pink Sparkle, Chrome Blue Sparkle, Firetiger Sparkle, Chrome Perch Sparkle
  • Qty/Pkg: 3
  • 3/0 (1/4, 3/8 ounce)
  • 4/0 (1/2, 5/8, 3/4 ounce)

For more information, visit www.Gamakatsu.com

Baitfuel Report

Baitfuel Fish Attractant

Building on two-plus years of development and testing by American Baitworks’ science research team, the company is pleased to announce BaitFuel Fish Attractant has arrived.

BaitFuel products have undergone extensive scientific research and testing to ensure the mix of bite-inducing ingredients is fully optimized for maximum performance in BaitFuel Gel and BaitFuel integrated soft plastics.

BaitFuel is supercharged with F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology) – water-based technology that releases scent easily and mimics the smell and taste of real prey – getting more bites and longer hold times for your bait! BaitFuel is scientifically engineered to stimulate a fish’s predator instinct.

Learn more about BaitFuel by visiting BaitFuel.com.

Daiwa Report

Daiwa EXIST Spinning Reel

Behold the newest of high-end freshwater and inshore spinning reels, Daiwa’s EXIST.

The top-of-the-line freshwater spinning reel features all the bells and whistles and at a suggested retail price of $859.99-$929.99.

“What you find in the EXIST is a flagship freshwater spinning reel designed and manufactured for the most serious of anglers seeking the highest level of performance, weight reduction and rotation,” says Marc Mills, Daiwa Senior Marketing Manager. “We’re proud to offer more than what anglers have been asking for or even expecting in the EXIST.”

For starters, the new EXIST family features an all-new EXIST Air Drive System with ZAION Air Drive Rotor, Air Drive Bail, Air Drive Spool, and Air Drive Shaft. Thanks to ZAION, the new EXIST Air Drive Rotor is 15% lighter, features a screwless design, flush surface, and greatly increased rigidity. The design eliminates design waste without reducing strength. But the largest benefit to the AIR DRIVE ROTOR is the lighter rotation providing you less handle turning resistance.

Z-Man Report

Z-Man SMH Jighead

Z-Man’s New SMH WormZ & SMH Jighead offers a durable, high-floating and durable finesse-style worm that provides more natural action than standard plastic rigs and a jighead that works well in all types of cover.

The Z-Man SMH WormZ and SMH Jighead debuted at last week’s 2022 Bassmaster Classic Expo.

Z-Man’s New SMH WormZThe SMH WormZ has a substantial but slender head and torso, shaped for easy hook penetration, then slims down to a wispy-thin midsection that helps activate the worm’s bulbous, football shaped tail. It can be Texas rigged, fished wacky style, drop-shotted or Carolina rigged.

At 6.5-inches in length, the ultra-lively SMH WormZ presents bass with a natural, unassuming target. Imbued with a 15-percent salt solution, the SMH WormZ offers optimal casting weight, and enhanced taste and texture to assure bass bite and hold on tight.

Z-man Report

Z-man GOAT ToadZ

The GOAT ToadZ, a new ElaZtech surface bait built via fan interaction was introduced at the Bassmaster Classic this week.

“It’s really been a labor of love among Z-Man’s vast network of fishing nuts,” notes Z-Man president Daniel Nussbaum. “We’re thrilled to say, sixteen months after inception—angler concepts, rough sketches, prototypes, on-water testing, plus more input and hardcore fishing—the GOAT ToadZ is fully fleshed out and ready to make a splash.”

Among all the unique properties of ElaZtech, explains Nussbaum, the material’s buoyancy proved to be a perfect match for surface-fishing. “One of Z-Man’s most popular baits has been our Hard Leg FrogZ™. It’s been thirteen years since we released that bait—certainly among the most durable topwater toads ever built. Admittedly, anglers today have a lot of toads to choose from. But none of them offer all the advantages of ElaZtech. And we knew we could build a new design from scratch and give anglers something truly special—lively, versatile and incredibly durable on the hook.”