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p>Scum Frog Report

Scum Frog Launch Frog XSScum Frog Launch Frog XS

The new Scum Frog Launch Frog XS offers bass a smaller profile but has the same long distance casting ability as its bigger brother.

The original Launch Frog gained popularity quickly because of how far it would cast. This is a smaller version of that.

The key to the Launch Frog XS’ performance is the unique tungsten “parasite” weight system which adds weight without the bulk to the hook shank. This allows the soft-bodied Launch Frog XS to achieve long casting distances with a smaller body size. Premium frog hooks and its high compression body delivers the highest hook-up rate possible in a hollow body frog.

Northland Tackle Report

Northland Tackle Weedless Wacky JigNorthland Tackle Weedless Wacky Jig

Northland Tackle has announced its new Weedless Wacky Jig with its sleek, built-in weighted jig-head to get your bait to where the fish are.

Covering multiple depths and conditions, the new Northland Weedless Wacky Jig comes in 1/16-, 1/8-, and 3/16-ounce options, all featuring a #2 sticky-sharp, premium Gamakatsu hook.

Northland designed the Elite Series Weedless Wacky Jig with two easily-bendable (but almost unbreakable) titanium wire weed guards for penetrating cover.

And when it comes to keeping bass pinned, Northland’s Weedless Wacky Jig design features a wide hook gap and straight eye shank to ensure you can winch bruisers out of the salad and into the boat for a quick photo and release.

In terms of colors, the Weedless Wacky Jig comes in black and green pumpkin.

It’s sold two per card with an suggested retail of $4.99.

New Zoom Brush CrawNew Zoom Brush Craw

Zoom Bait Company initiated the creature bait craze with the still-popular Brush Hog, and now the company has once again redefined the genre by taking that proven shape and adding a slight tweak. The new Brush Craws, available in two sizes, place crawfish claws where the rear curly tails formerly resided, combining two proven designs into one sleek package.

VMC Report

VMC Indiana Spinner HarnessVMC Indiana Spinner Harness

VMC is expanding its extensive line-up of live-bait offerings to include two new TechSet spinner harnesses – the TechSet Spinner Colorado Harness and the TechSet Spinner Indiana Floating Harness.

Both new offerings team VMC’s innovative TechSet hook-setting effectiveness with the legendary productivity of a live-bait spinner harness.

VMC TechSet Hooks feature an offset shape, an extra-wide gap, and the ultra-effective Technical Locking Curve for which they are named. Designed to increase hook-set efficiency by locking in place a fish once it bites, TechSet Hooks are forged from premium Hi-Carbon steel with a black-nickel finish and feature chemically sharpened needle points.

Blade-design options abound in both the Colorado and floating Indiana harness models. Each is available in ten combinations of colors and baitfish markings to attract big fish from afar.

Two of the designs – Green Fire Tiger UV and Pink Fire Tiger UV – are enhanced with a UV Bright finish that reflects more light energy than do the other eight color patterns, increasing those spinners’ visibility in low-light conditions. The remaining designs are: Black Wonderbread, Fruit Punch, Firetiger, Voodoo Haze, Yellow Perch, Gold-Orange, Juicy Lucy and Silver Pink.

Both the Colorado and floating Indiana harnesses feature two super sharp 1X-strong VMC TechSet Hooks. A front hook is located near the blade. A trailer hook follows on a six-inch section of leader line. Both the trailer leader and the 60-inch main leader in each harness is made from 12-pound-test Sufix monofilament line. A No. 10 VMC Black Stainless Steel Rolling Swivel is tied at the terminal end of the main leader.

The Techset Spinner Colorado Harness comes one-per-pack in three blade-and-hook-size combinations:

  • No. 3 blade + No. 4 front hook + No. 6 trailer hook
  • No. 4 blade + No. 4 front hook + No. 4 trailer hook
  • No. 5 blade + No. 4 front hook + No. 6 trailer hook.

The Techset Spinner Indiana Floating Harness comes one-per-pack in a single blade-and-hook-size combination – No. 4 blade + No. 4 front hook + No. 6 trailer hook.

Both VMC Techset spinner harness rigs have an suggested retail of $4.99.